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  1. It would be possible to sue NCWest for poor service, if several paid for the service and they have a terrible return to the customer. Any lawyer would win this case. But, it is not a paid game, and it will never happen, until there is a team focused on keeping the game balanced, clean, as was the first Goddes of Destruction, we will never have satisfied players. I already said before, NCSOFT should hire illegal server developers, more people, more brains, better ideas.
  2. I'm able to be a Active GM, where can I send my curriculum?
  3. No have solution, There is no solution. They should hire the administrators of the illegal servers to work for the server staff. I guarantee that they know how to maintain a server online without so many problems.
  4. TCP 192.168.100.***:****** 64.25.44-111.ncsoft.com:6600 ESTABLISHED [NCLauncher2.exe] TCP 192.168.100.***:****** ESTABLISHED [NCLauncher2.exe] But I can't connect, I open all ncsoft doors in my router, my providor, but stay down
  5. C:\Users\marce>ping www.ncsoft.com Disparando www.ncsoft.com [] com 32 bytes de dados: Resposta de bytes=32 tempo=155ms TTL=239 Resposta de bytes=32 tempo=155ms TTL=239 Resposta de bytes=32 tempo=155ms TTL=239 Resposta de bytes=32 tempo=155ms TTL=239 Estatísticas do Ping para Pacotes: Enviados = 4, Recebidos = 4, Perdidos = 0 (0% de perda), Aproximar um número redondo de vezes em milissegundos: Mínimo = 155ms, Máximo = 155ms, Média = 155ms
  6. Why @Juji, @Hime? Whe can use any VPN to play? Launcher never work after last update. So, have you any idea about when it will be fixed? Or will continue ignore our posts?
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