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  1. any mechanic or programmer of this game can understand this server is NOT STABLE 2 years now??? and many pirate servers java are more strable than official? mabe is time to hire some mechanics or programmers from pirate side of this game!!! we pay 30 days runes prestige etc and we lost many many time from this unstable server!!!!! try to fix it DCSOFT
  2. Any info about next Unscheduled Live Server Maintenance ???
  3. Unscheduled Live Server Maintenance its finish? may i can play plz?? are u sure to finished???
  4. IF no roll back its a BIG LESSON a) DONT PLAY FAIR IN official l2 b) scamm scamm scamm biger scamm bigger lv c) dont play every day play only in a BUG EVENTS its a same we PLAY IN OFFICIAL not in java server !!!!
  5. i need +14 evebt weapon to trade for dragon weapon stage 3 in event npc NC giveaway to all event players DRAGON WEAPON STAGE 3 GRATS 1 MORE TIME TO MECHANICS OF GAME hahahahahahhahahaha
  6. Report Harassment and he receive ban read the rules cant kill u so many times
  7. no one from admins gms care about the mass dc enery day we talk for this many many times but no answer from someone its a shame to cant play in OFFICIAL server
  8. dont use google translate and try to read what i whrite exatly dude we dont have server to can play
  9. Hi hi here no lag the reason is to can have LAG u mast have SERVER but we DONT have server so the issue resoveld WE DONT HAVE SERVER so all ok grats for one more time nc company u did it after 17 years game the game is not playable anymore!!!!!!!!! no server no cry (bob marley) ps: the gms admin not help to do not inform the people and ppl go in aggresive mod fyi hide is not good its cheat
  10. ok i give up noone care NO gms NO admin NO support NOeula (bot) the servers is full of bots and the funny is the bot not receive dcs hahahaha this game is so pathetic only ask real money with events 2 weeks sever 200% exp we pay and after cant play becouse of course full of bots full dcs in towns cant move No spot free for exp etc etc. this company cant resist to bot programms i thing all games have this fenomenon ( bots) but here the bot programms is the 60-70% of server only the real players safer and cant play the game receive dcs, cant pvp
  11. off course no gm answer why we lost real money for this company problems with this half service
  12. @Juji @Hime Hi i pay in real money in ncsoft store for prestige 30 days and drop rune for 30 days with all this situation this prodacts in not runnung 30 days as i pay 11 houres for server transfer many many dc many times srver down i pay 2 services for 30 days and .......... and i dont use it for this whats is the next step of this situation?????? If this no solution from your team i mast speak with my paypal for this and my bank its not 30 days
  13. here we go again NO GM INFO PPL for queries at start screen its the surprise gift for us to pay u?? and our money burn in lag dc emergencies maintains all time ty ty gms for yhis great gift ps u ban this acc and delete this post cose truth is no good in this forum? DEMOCRASY IS ALIVE!!!! here
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