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  1. @AxelFOley I am the highest level soultaker on Talking Island server. I CDL LOA solo. NOUGH SAID
  2. I am a lvl 86 decently geared soultaker, like any other class if you have the gears and lvls very strong class. If you can afford to lvl up a necro, stupid OP class, try it out!
  3. You're about to be unemployed because this server will die fast, developers have very poor judgement . If you want to kill a game this is how you do it, just my 2 cents
  4. @Hime you realize that there will be no penalty for strong players to pk everyone and you will have fundamentally broken l2 pvp system. The l2 pvp system is the only reason I play this game. I'm afraid this may push me from game, and my future millions in nccoin purchases will go bye bye if this isnt resolved
  5. I also wouldnt recommend buying the heroic chests if you want to play a dark avenger
  6. @Teteledont worry you will have plenty of opportunities to spend your Nc coin. No need to rush.
  7. @Juji @Hime Are you aware you guys keep altering the drops/adena rates in many locations to the point that it is destroying the L2 economy? I understand you want to motivate people to buy boxes but you cant starve people to the point they cant do anything in the game, you will quickly push out all the casual players because the game is no longer enjoyable for them. I would strongly recommend you enhance adena/drops or release an adena event soon.
  8. @Juji Hi could you please contact the developers and let them know that the Very quick Effect is not working properly. It is a little unfair for players to invest billions of adena getting 4 legendaries only to find out the skill is not working properly. The teleport is working fine but the player does not lose target. Im hoping you guys can roll this change into the next major update? Thank you.
  9. Hi @Juji. It seems that the maphyr potion does not list talisman in the note. Can you please confirm that maphyr potion works on Talismans, such as Adena/eva talisman?
  10. @Juji its true Juji. the xp/adena is not correct after update in catacomb of forbidden path as well. This is accounting for the removal of the previous event. Thanks!
  11. Hi, there is a new item for 240 nc coin, it says 100% xp/sp hourglass with 1 hour cooldown, does this item disappear after a single use or can you keep reusing this item permanently?
  12. I read from a previous post that there is no grade penalty for the +10 bgrade weapon. But when i try to exchange the ticket (I am level 50) nothing happens. Do i supposed to go into the dimensional merchant tab and then select Exchange weapon > B grade timed wep? Thats what Im doing but its not working. Please help!
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