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  1. How to get Scroll of Purity

    Hello anyone know how to get "scroll of purity" and scroll of darkness glass : Kamel
  2. Fire double shot attack, what ‘s skill him used? link youtube https://youtu.be/CpVF3YoURmA only self him attack all mobs , strong than my party lvl 79
  3. How to get Ignis' Breath ?

    oh Thank you very much? ah do you know how to do quest Defeat Spirits King of igins ? place Spirit king mean ? thank you
  4. How to get Ignis' Breath ?

    Help me? how to get How to get Ignis' Breath ?? Thank you
  5. dance and assist attack

    /useskill dance1 /useskill dance2 /delay 300 /target member /assist /attack this is my macro auto dance and assist attack but it not work pls anyone help me thank you