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  1. Naia server is even worst since server was down, general lag dont stop, and every 10 min, super lag spikes in wich u think ur char got dc cuz nothing is moving at all... LF 1 extra week of exp as compensation !!! @Juji @Hime
  2. lorddragon, prince77, wetdarkness, holyfame, fuhouhou, omenofsteal
  3. on the previous exp event 90% of max was detag, even top partys like fuhouhou, (lets not talk about patriot and lorddragon cuz they stay more out of max to dont give free crp than inside) when they do something is cuz is "strategy" when the others do same are "rats", "no balls", "cowards", "give up", etc etc
  4. still ppl cant understand that cant go afk while they are on macro
  5. make the post correctly as u are shouting it at game! this guy was selling red cat lv5 on 600b+ cuz he claim to be a TOP player and have knowledge about the market, then he go and go lower the price of the jewel now he is buying red cat lv5 in 150b :))) smart guy, eh ?! what a smart guy trading ruby for ame/obsidian
  6. @Afum @Ozzoo u want pvp ? pvp at chronos is not enought ? pvp at dim siege is not enought ? easy answer and wasy way: transfer to naia, create a 3th side, fight MAX & DH for sure u will have a looot of months with pvp like this or more easy way ? PD: dont perma qq on forum about there is no pvp when u didnt move a finger to find it. if u are waiting clan like crows or sunshine make stronger and turn into a active pvp clan, u guys should start cashout
  7. no1 will pay u 300b or even close lol, max u will get is 180/200 and for ur information, there are some ppl who few time ago was selling that jewel like bobrc or wttagroedwife, so yes, there are some red cats on market
  8. u say serious offers like if was a expensive item huehuehue
  9. 1) really ? cuz it seems u spend minimum 5 hrs trastalking on worldchat, about pvps that u even are not there, so the maths not work, 1-1.5hrs for game, but he spend all the day typing bull***, something worng is here, eh ? 2) ofc, u dont find any DH, thats why the red messages that u give to ur clan its by magic, cuz u die alone, cuz the wind hit hard on ur face and plop, u give reds
  10. no1 will blame u cuz u represent a 0 inside MAX, ur only activity is at forum or worldchat, 0 pvp, just buying items from event at aden. if u go to pvp is trying to kill ppl in black screen porting to bb, if u fail, u bsoe "job job job job" blablablabla, players like u need keep noise at forum/game opening only the mouth, 0 action player let the ppl who pvp from ur clan speak, but seems always the ones who pvp and have fun are the more quiets, the ones who didnt do a **** are perma talking
  11. not talking that he only take it cuz LordSpoyl stop play. anyway both heros that this party take, was feed since the first weekend of the month
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