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  1. i open 3 more, i recive 1 enria and 200 hp potion :}
  2. i have a question, i dont know i this a bug or what, but little pig coin back lv 1 say - doucle click to obtain one of the following items -- Talisma : speed or crafting 1 time stone, i open it and give me 60 sprit ores.. . 3 boxes give me that.. is that wrong? how little pig coin back lv 2 exist? @Sunshine thanks
  3. Hi, what about the passive skill Light armor mastery and robe mastery about casting speed stat?? overlord, warcryer ,healer , etc @Sunshine this is not for complaning just for help the complete mission arent show up when you complete it and shayha grace some time appear shining like if you got the maintaining effect but its not (important) and well about the adena stuff and that... .well its like weird , becouse in every L2 i play spirit ores have the same price but the adena drops arent always the same, so i dont know some i give my own adena to some friends cant lvl or
  4. just in time , i love you! and hate you , but mostly love you XD
  5. noo why monday! T_T i loose my rank haha by the way gz for server
  6. I just bought it, I only received some supplies, but he did not give me the weapon, the strider or the hat. i send a ticket, but just want you know about it @Sunshine
  7. clan advent skill doesnt show on passive skill window.
  8. omg i read the giveaway for the pack and " Sorry, this promotion is not available in your region" thats unfair ... can we use a vpn or something to participate? thanks(?
  9. its possible being someone in the game as a free to play player? for sure the answer its be no, but just to be sure
  10. hola a todos voy a crear un clan, todavia no tengo el nombre definido pero me gustaria empezar a reclutar asi que son todos bienvenidos el nombre del clan se va a decidir con una votacion de los primeros miembros la idea es ayudar y buscar formas de equiparnos entre todos dejos el discord para que se unan los que esten interesados. https://discord.gg/ZCMDNHMm Hello everyone, I am going to create a clan, I still do not have a defined name but I would like to start recruiting so you are all welcome the name of the clan will be decided with a vote of the
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