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  1. omg i read the giveaway for the pack and " Sorry, this promotion is not available in your region" thats unfair ... can we use a vpn or something to participate? thanks(?
  2. its possible being someone in the game as a free to play player? for sure the answer its be no, but just to be sure
  3. hola a todos voy a crear un clan, todavia no tengo el nombre definido pero me gustaria empezar a reclutar asi que son todos bienvenidos el nombre del clan se va a decidir con una votacion de los primeros miembros la idea es ayudar y buscar formas de equiparnos entre todos dejos el discord para que se unan los que esten interesados. https://discord.gg/ZCMDNHMm Hello everyone, I am going to create a clan, I still do not have a defined name but I would like to start recruiting so you are all welcome the name of the clan will be decided with a vote of the
  4. every time i swich client (windowed) i turn to fullscreen . i hate that, any help?
  5. @Juji @Hime i have the same problem! im iss 109 and its hard to do castilla 105!!! there is something about melee attack{s
  6. I open all packs, just in case , so i dont loose them, i hate wait at the last moment for all
  7. my main its an iss ,and i can kill an archer and other classes (same grear or lvl) the always have that kind of balance, for 2 monts i got the 2nd place on olys... lvl 1 its an iss 111 , but it s depend on the way you play, and can kill an evis to, mage evis, dreadnought etc maybe you need learn to use your iss
  8. i post the same thin on other part of the forum i agree
  9. here is a question, you delete all the accesory stones, i was have a lot of them but now , i need buy all again or you send it back to us?
  10. i craft 1 shield and its fail T_T sad for me, maybe on 1 moth or 2 i can try it again
  11. GMs need to put again the buff to protect the low lvl player from the high ones, increase the power of the towns guards and more,
  12. when i finally get some ether to craft a shield... a lot of time , wasted T_T https://ibb.co/dGrSCG6
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