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  1. Looks like L2 Classic NA server is coming up after all... GM Baerath (Lineage 2) Sep 4, 17:14 PDT Hi there, A Classic server is something we are currently working on; we don’t have any more details to share right now, but we will be revealing more information in the near future. Stay tuned. If you have any other questions, please feel free to let us know. Regards, GM Baerath NCSOFT Support Team
  2. When NCSoft launched the latest update, there was a tab on the login page that was labeled "classic server", is this in cards in a near future? I agree with recent topics and posts on the idea of a new server, mostly likely, being a terrible idea...but it might be a different story when it's a "classic" server with some new additional content/modifications. Just an inquiry here, whether something is in works, or if perhaps anyone else has heard any "news" on this idea....of course, ideally, NCSoft moderate's answer would be the most desirable here... I'm curious. Also, I believe even tho
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