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  1. @Latino I didn't find any fix that could last a couple of minutes. Contacted also AMD support and that didn't help either, so I gave up. I sold the GPU to someone else and used my old one to be able to play. Sad, but from my understanding, since I am also a game developer, the issue is with AMD drivers which are not fully compatible with the game. I had used other AMD GPUs in the past and they worked, but since I had a NVidia GPU being in use previously, the obvious choice is to have something which works all the time with all titles I play and also to not mess with my game development daily t
  2. I didn't sent the support ticket because I was not aware it could be used for this type of issue and probably would, if there was no Report a Bug section at the forums. I will post it with the details I have gathered. Thanks!
  3. AMD launched a new driver version 19.8.1, but still got game not working... and no feedback from NCSoft and this is already 2+ weeks without being able to play my two accounts which have both VIP 4 for two months in advance... not really a VIP handling for VIP customers...
  4. The workaround allows at least to log in, select server and character, get into game, but sometimes teleporting will end up crashing randomly.
  5. I might have a workaround for this. I also contacted AMD about this, but with help of NCSoft it might go faster @Juji I looked over internet about common crashes like this and it seem they don't happen in Fullscreen mode (not windowed fullscreen). The problem was that with the client UI there is no way to reach to options/config button to change the way the game was presented and in my case I was in windowed mode (needed to support my playing with two accounts). The workaround is: - find the "L2.bin" file and rename it to "L2.exe" - execute the "L2.exe" and a screen will appear
  6. I got this new GPU RX5700XT to test the game with and with classic server it always crash before moving to the character selection screen. With Live servers, sometimes you can select a character and run inside the game, but if you try teleport to some place, crashes again. I have sent the crash logs, but up to now I am still not able to play for one week and I really want to keep the card instead using the other one. Up to now, L2 is the only game having issues with this card among other 40 titles I have been testing with. Anyone else experiencing this?
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