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  1. Disable macro loop , problem solved and ban all botters oh wait its NCSoft, they dont do such things
  2. Ceremony

    Its possible to use Emperor buffs at CoC. Is it a feature or exploit?
  3. Server Down

    Chronos down again gratz NC , take care more about macro loops and l2 store keep going
  4. Mana barrier damage

    How about we can see how much damage we dealt to feohs mana barrier, It's quite confusing seeing that u deal 0 damage all the time while enemies mana barrier is up and dont know more/less how much more u need to hit to kill a feoh.
  5. Evis dualclass

    Allow changing dualclass to eviscerator !
  6. Alligator geodata bug

    3rd bug found , now pay me !
  7. Alligator geodata bug

    near alligator island spawn there are charcoals 10 m above earth near tree
  8. At certain spot in gainak there is small place that u change from pvp zone to general zone , near left mob spawn looking from respawn spot. Auction house , armor category is empty , weapons and armors are mixed together in weapon category
  9. NCLauncher is deleting Client files!

    Anyway lf Compensation !
  10. NCLauncher is deleting Client files!

    Dunno why, but i still have all screenshots etc.
  11. NCLauncher 2

    actually game should be already rdy to play
  12. NCLauncher 2

    ok guys i think i got it , u need to choose north america region (i thought its just proxy thats why i choosed europe)
  13. NCLauncher 2

    I cant add Lineage 2 in new launcher