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  1. Compensation is comming guys https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VJFlktMjayw
  2. Dragon Shirt

    +1 for everything to be tradeable
  3. Another Crash?

    Welcome to NCWest
  4. nice rewards from letter collector. Is that for 85 lvl players?
  5. Looks like NCWest scamming their own players again. for the 3254235 time.
  6. Hello, as the server lagging all the time and so on i suggest that extending XP event for 1 more week would be kindly welcome thx
  7. How to solve bot problem

    empty ? what dead bodies exping are?
  8. How to solve bot problem

    I have better idea. Disable macro loop and ban all botters working 100%
  9. Disable macro loop , problem solved and ban all botters oh wait its NCSoft, they dont do such things
  10. Ceremony

    Its possible to use Emperor buffs at CoC. Is it a feature or exploit?
  11. Server Down

    Chronos down again gratz NC , take care more about macro loops and l2 store keep going