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  1. Tell them that SS bug is related to L2 Store , they will fix it in 10 minutes
  2. 240 ncoins for abundance pack with low-grade talismans hahaha u are guys funny
  3. Looking for tournament with equal gear
  4. 60-70% are boxes and shops. And what actually is 2k players?
  5. oh cool , u have seen youtube videos thats really cool , tell me also that molensa is pvp god cuz u saw his video
  6. So you have the right timezone but no pvp whats the point ? Not to mention that timezone was bad for many ppl when merging other servers
  7. Any plans on merging Naia with Chronos? There completely no pvp at Chronos , even dim sieges seems empty.
  8. Macro loop deletion

    Well it should be deleted also , and why u cant play the way u like on macro loop ? u are nothing but another dead body farming just like tons of bots back in a days
  9. Macro loop deletion

    Finally someone who gets my point. I would say macro loops are exactly the same as old adena rmt botters and tons of bots, with this difference they do not run back to spot after u kill them w/o living person
  10. No elemental shirts ? like paagrio,eva?
  11. Macro loop deletion

    You can always pvp players with same gear as you do. Oh wait those players do not pvp , they are busy macroing never seen at pvp and will be.
  12. Macro loop deletion

    Looks like nova scripter also disgusted about banning any automating gameplay.
  13. Macro loop deletion

    haha wut u can check my account never used any kind of scripts , macros or even ingame macro loop , only macro i ever used is /target. Guess scripter like you is indignant that you would not use any automated shits to play