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  1. Hehe and botters and cheaters still not banned NCSoft at it best
  2. This week i spent all leftovers for gambling (around 100 mermaid chests) and literally 0 drop, even that made me bored...
  3. What does that has to do with income ? lowest gear and still wiping you out
  4. People exploiting it to take an advantage in war, they should be 7 days banned and taken clan hall from them, if u wanna be fair with all ppl just ban all ppl who exploit things not just enemy of your (GMs) friends
  5. i think you are dumb im talking about "inaccessable area" , while its area where u can freely run
  6. Where do you guys see inaccessable location ? not sure if my eyes are correct, but u can just run into that location
  7. Stop complaining about few points, your toon should be on banana island, be happy its not
  8. @Juji @Hime How about making La vien jewels lv 3 and lv 4 sealing cheaper? Beacuse now price of sealing it is higher than buying it from players. Do 1 thing atleast correctly
  9. Compensation is comming guys https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VJFlktMjayw
  10. +1 for everything to be tradeable
  11. nice rewards from letter collector. Is that for 85 lvl players?
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