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  1. Nerfed Exp

    You have no idea what damage i have
  2. Nerfed Exp

    In full party i used to get like 3-4b per mob with vitality , freya storm and rose now its like 2b-2,5b , maybe i missed something.
  3. Nerfed Exp

    Not sure if it's just me, but i have seen many ppl talking about that also. Isnt exp on sos/elven nerfed instead of being boosted? Also 108+new zones are way too hard comparing to xp that they give?
  4. BROOCH jewels

    Also in Korea the ratio is like Chronos/Naia 500 $ = 35$ in korea . And dont tell me it depends on region salaries etc. bcs in korea ppls salary is quite nice. We should get discounts pretty much. We are pretty scammed over here
  5. Live Server Update: Wednesday, May 15, 2019

    hahahaha RIP L2 , even more automated sh*ts , soon loging into the game will be same with watching youtube video of someone else playing
  6. lol I was almost buffless with pvp setup , whats the point of this video ? showing someone is killing mobs faster cuz cant show any pvp wins?
  7. this is how divekio pvp https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UK42Ahvdgb0&t=37s Ok Zureil , pr , ok stop the war "Divekio
  8. Can we have also all items tradeable?
  9. Critical Damage received

    is it same with dragon shirt?
  10. Apologies are nothing w/o compensation ^^
  11. Who want Rune in DS from MS

    Can I join MAX ? pls
  12. Main class change

    ooo macro player yea keep playing your dual