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  1. ISS Enchanter

    I don't get this conversation. You don't need help to lvl your iss. In this game if you want to keep your iss,. Lvl's 1-105 takes you a hot second. You already have the iss for buffs so make a DD and lvl yourself. My oldest, but not highest, character is my iss. My dagger is now keeping her moving right along. I use her as needed, but she'll be ready if the game changes and I really need her. I don't need to be in a party, I make the party. The only boost an ISS needs is a 105 evis lvling side by side.
  2. War System

    Currently I can give you a prime example of what you speak of. Last night during siege we went to different castles with the plan to take one if possible. So, the clans guarding those castle for there alt clans put wars up on us. Now since they have a castle guarding other castles means they aren't a part of that siege field, so any deaths count toward the 5 that start the war. Either we leave the siege field, or the 2 way war starts. That's one broken part of the war system. Another is, one of the castles that we went to have guys who seem to be upset that we actually came to there castle. So now they put a war up and the next day, today, they are out pk'ing clannies. If we kill them, which we can, up goes the war and they will then spend time searching for the AFK clannies. Since there is no penalty for pk's they fill emboldened. If wars could only start if its an "excepted" war then we could form a party and go kill those that are killing us without starting a war. And I don't mean all the afk players in there clan, just the ones that are being "special". So as "OUT" mentioned in his post, if you want more PvP fix the current war system, and if you want less Pk's, fix the current PK system. If Pk's cost you adena, in the form of gear as drops, lets see how many will be willing to pay/play.
  3. Gear Related Question

    Tanks soul purpose is to take a licking and keep on ticking. You drop, the party drops. That being said +8 or Higher Bloody Armor. R99 is good for most things you will get to tank, but if somehow you can get your hands on some R110 then go for it. Tank weapon is a luxury that has meaning only in PvP or if you find yourself trying to lvl solo. Other than that, get a sword with the lvl of your choice and put HP crystals on it. Max HP for a tank is 150k, although there are some items that can take you over the max(which doesn't make since if there is suppose to be a max). Your purpose is to survive and control. So anything Defensive is what you're looking for and it all starts with that first set of Armor.
  4. 1. Where am I from: Oklahoma 2. Char name and class: Ricca DoomCryer 3. Original server: Erica>Sayha>Chronos 4. Level and % today: 106/101...but many other toons now. Main now is 109 Evis "TheLastAerie" 5. How many times did you quit and come back? Never really quit, sometimes i'd spend more time on WoW than L2, but never dropped my account, and never went a full month without logging in.
  5. why we play l2?

    First off I play this game for the friends I've made and continue to make. But mainly I've stuck around because this is one of the best made games in the history of gaming with the worse management team the world has ever known. I still play WoW, and I find myself other games to checkout and have fun with, but none have the look and feel of L2. If only someone like Blizzard had bought out this game it would be....Ncsoft has no idea what this game could/should be. They spend more time thinking up money moves that they call events. How a company this bad thought up a game this good i'll never know. Sooo many failed opportunities and they still don't get it. 14yr old game that plays better than games that came out this year and they just don't realize what they have.