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  1. Hi guys! I was wondering if anyone can answer this question. The thing is... I'm shillien Elder and I'm using a mage staff and I have 444 cast speed but when I equip for example my Reinforced Long bow my casting speed falls to 315... The thing is: does weapons affect on casting speed? Cause mage staff is normal speed and Reinforced longbow is very slow
  2. Vengo whispeando al máster ingame hace ya varios días y solo me ignora... Apliqué hice todo y nada.
  3. Why there's a lot of ppl hitting the Halloween NPC at the same time? But I mean a lot! Like 15 at Dion for example this is kinda suspicious. Anyone knows why?
  4. Hello Everyone im new in Offi Server of Lineage 2, Im a Kamael Die Hard Fan Boy and i have some questions to guys if you want to help me. 1) is true that you cant Awaken a Judicator anymore? if that true how i can become Iss with a kamael? 2)is worth playing Judi right now? 3) Can sub any other class?, for example i main Soulhound and i want to sub Trickster/ghost sentinel or Shillein Saint with male Kamael Is it possible? 4) can you guys reccomend me a sub class-dual class guide with less chaotic information i cant really understad how the system really woks, i was looking on youtube, official wiki but the info are so dull and i cant understand anything. Ty for reading my post and answer my questions, BB! and have a nice day