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  1. CP Archer procura por BD e Bishop. [BR] Horário de jogo de segunda a sexta 21 às 01. Jogamos desde o primeiro dia juntos mas tivemos estas duas baixas. A CP está no level 40, mas podemos ajudá-lo a chegar no level caso seja novo ou esteja um pouco atrás. Queremos algum que goste do jogo e queira realmente jogar independente do nível de experiência. Temos um BD 40 para drive caso tenha interesse. CP não hardcore, porém super amigável com bom progresso diário, metas e boa organização. Entre em contato conosco! [Bandoleros] - - - English - - - CP Archer LF BD
  2. 5 hours 40 minutes and it work, I've created my toon, had time to choose the hair, color, nickname and things and no DC. What can I say, thank you! Pay for the privileges, another server or wait, it's fair to me. Bye!
  3. Guys, the silver coin drop only for white mobs and the rate is very low, it's hard to get this mats from L2Store. The soulshots, man, 4us to 30min exp? madness. I'm not worried at all, just fine until now.
  4. Hey hello @SoyCora I watched the pre-launch stream and I saw the SS and BSS available on L2Store, but did you saw the price? It's not cheap at all, I think that you guys does not have to think or care about it, the dwarfs will rule the marketing with no loss.
  5. My point is that GMT +1 and GMT -7 is not fair, we need one server between GMT -2 and GMT -6.
  6. Ok, but it's not fair to deliver the servers timezone for EU people and leave South Americans in the rain.
  7. A server for each coast is a good suggestion. In the case of combined american server, something more than GMT -6 for Americas is very bad to Brazilians, now considering your example: Oly from 11pm to 3am Castle Sieges at 11pm on Sunday Daily Raids at 12am It's bad but we can handle. True that east and west coast need a solution, but NCWest has the license and partnership to publish this game all over Americas, Brazilians/Latam diserve attention over EU people who has their Skelth.
  8. +1 I'm with Gabe's suggestion, GMT -4 (or even -3/-5) for Talking Island is perfect for Brazil / Latam people. People from North America and South America need their attention to this timezone matter. NCWest has the license and partners all over South America, you guys can see it at their website. GMT +1 and something more than GMT -5 (like GMT -6 and more) is very bad to people who need to work, siege/oly time working or past midnight is not a good thing. The thing is that all Americas has an extense timezone list, we need 2 servers, west coast Americans diserves the right to p
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