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  1. Yea happened to me once, I was lucky enough to be at my computer so when he got to me I ran out of the room before he finished me off. PlayNC should have just made Orc Fighters the only race/class in the game because I’ve seen them basically destroy parties of other classes that are only 2-3 levels below them and they weren’t afk. I probably should have added to not set up in the smaller rooms even if they’re empty because the big mean green machines will be back.
  2. You both make good points. I’m just going to comment on the 1-76 in 7 days for a second. It took me 2 full days of leveling from 75-76. This was with 538% xp, good gear, and I hadn’t logged out in 72 hours according to the server. I also was doing 3 transcendentals a day and was cashing in about 75 magic lamps a day. If someone made it to lvl 76 in a week I’d like to know who. War torn plains, Plains of glory, Cruma LvL 1, are ridiculously packed. I literally took my LvL 68 SE to Fields of Massacre in order to get to level 70, she now has to be partied with someone in Cruma, because
  3. I just got done reading over the Lineage 2 live event for this month. Come on Aden team let’s see something similar. I’m almost tempted to play Live again but, I can’t play Aden and Live at the same time because you guys told us we didn’t need to make a new L2 account. Well we did need to make one if we wanted to play our existing account on a different server type.
  4. Okay, not to sound smug here, but did you play the original version of the game? I literally wore out the 1 button (was for soul shots) and 2 keyboards before they made it an auto use option. Levels were capped and before the cap the last level gave 4 or 5% Xp per day, there were no 100% resurrections in the game which meant if your clan was at war or fighting for raids and boss mobs every death cost a day of xping. You physically played your toon in parties for no less than 8 hrs a day and prayed you got an item drop from the by-turn drop option. At one time this was the most popular game
  5. Maybe you’ll think twice b4 trying to over-enchant an already hard to get +7 bgrade wep on a whim. I can’t even count how many times I failed going to just +4 on dgrade cgrade bgrade daggers, and I definitely wouldn’t have be crazy enough to think my luck would change in this version of the game. Hell, I blew up my Eva’s going plus one all of them I have no way of getting another from the shop nor the lcoin store. If you’re going to waste 3 million a day on the Aden scroll buy one a day for the next 10 days and use them all at once and if you still fail then I would say you’re cursed. But, s
  6. Few tips for people in Cruma and TOI. If you don’t have manner mode on you will be PK’d. Even someone like me who rarely PK’s I will drop someone who is ksing me time and time again. Another way to get PKed is entering an already full room starting up your autohunt and assuming the people in the room will tolerate it. Most people nowadays, have a room they have been going to for awhile and notice when new people come in if starts affecting their XP you’re probably going to die. Lastly, and this is where some people think they’re being clever, you’re not and you’re actually g
  7. The Olympiad survival kit for 1 adena should help. The grace system doesn’t really start becoming an issue until after lvl 60. Then most people will either pay for the 30 day sayas 200% or they’ll quit because there is zero point in hunting in this game without getting some adena back. I personally would quit a game I couldn’t level, couldn’t farm and had zero opportunity to be in raids because the penalty for being in a party with someone having 0 grace is too high. I really don’t know if this was an intentional means of extortion, or an oversight on PlayncW. Regardless the only people
  8. The Olympiad guy goes over some rules would have been nice to have some clarification from players.
  9. I looked around a bit and couldn’t find any info on this. The Olympiad survival box includes scrolls and hp pots so I’m assuming they’re allowing those. I only see 3v3 listed as an option are we placed in a random group if we don’t have one? Is it 3v3 or 1v1 with 3 players participating individually and wins are counted towards the 3v3 score? Thanks for your help
  10. I’m more concerned about them allowing scrolls and special hp pots for use in Olympiad. I play a dagger class, the cool downs on some of my skills will make it pretty difficult to kill anyone popping 500 hp recovery pots a clip.
  11. Yea, my best friend who has played all the way back to beta with me, every few days finally broke his bgrade bow at +9. When he did it he was all upset and I asked him when was the last time he checked the dmg of his Aden weapon and he was losing 40 patk using the bgrade wep. He was going to quit before he noticed this ( he does this sometimes, lol) Only problem is now he’s addicted to buying the Aden scrolls trying to get his Aden wep to glow red.
  12. I’m wondering if this is just my character of if anyone else in experiencing this as well. I haven’t gotten as much as a accessory drop over the past 2 weeks. I’m on full grace, I’ve been primarily hunting in PoLM, Toi, and DV. Besides the 4 hours I do in Primeval every day and the trans daily’s I’m lvling. I started a new character last week and have the 30 day 200% green sayas pot and it has basically picked up a full Theca set, bgrade jewelry and boots, a samurai long sword, a cgrade staff. I’m not complaining , I’m just concerned I’ve missed something.
  13. Depends on your level, when my toon was in 52-75 my +7 dagger did more dmg, At 76 my Aden dagger passed my bgrade in dmg. I’m hoping giran boxes eventually make it into the game because prices on a grade gear atm are ridiculous, and my +6 drake is better than most +4 bgrade so it doesn’t make sense waste adena on bgrade. The attendance event in my opinion was a complete success as far as this goes.
  14. I think you’re misunderstanding the job title here. A GM doesn’t have that kind of ability they aren’t designers, developers, creators etc. The quest should have been in gludio or giran and maybe it is and I missed it and only noticed it in Aden. Regardless I’m glad I didn’t bother with it.
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