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  1. 400 red arcs at 86 won’t even give 40% so quit crying. I play a dagger in a war and will finish this tomorrow. You can go from 82-85 in 12 days I’ve seen Titans and DK’s do it.
  2. Zero drops, have gotten it to go Ice Queen twice still zero drop, epic fail on this part of the event.
  3. Yes they disappear after event, yes it was a paid event with lcoin, yes it’s bs that aoe toons have an unfair advantage on this and subjugation. Oh, and for those under 85 it will be BS. Those over 85 the xp might = 10% at 85, much lower at 86+. The rewards help me from having to purchase consumables, since I don’t have epic’s I managed to get most my armor +5. With next months pass I’ll be able to try over enchanting a weapon without spending 400kk so I’d say it’s not that bad of an event.
  4. I’m in North America, my subjugation resets twice on Sunday. Every Sunday I lose 85% of DV subjugation at 6pm EST because you guys aren’t fixing it. That means an Aden stone and 150 of the L2M celebration coins. Since subjugation started I miss out on the Aden stone and with spellbooks success rate at such a pitiful % I need these. Fix this bug please or I’m going to start going up the chain of command until someone listens and we all know how that goes.
  5. Okay, the accounts I don’t have elixir registered on all can craft the powder and the one I have elixir registered can’t. I only have 2/5 of the allotted elixir’s registered. Fix this please it’s the only reason I’m turning in these daily missions.
  6. Thunder leather armor, shock gloves, revenge shield, fatal sigil, evasion boots. One of those items would have been nice
  7. This event is a bust for me. So glad I got scrolls instead of any epic items. All day long all I see is “Someone received “item” from harvest pouch and that someone is never me wth. I’m not spending $1000 to get epics when I could buy them from a RMT which I don’t want to do and I thought PlayNCW didn’t want as well. Anyway, I’m going back to F2P and when I’m irrelevant it will just be another character I have that I won’t be logging into for a few more years gg’z
  8. I have 1600+ coins and can’t craft the elixir powders I haven’t crafted anything yet so dunno what’s going on.
  9. I have 1600+ coins and can’t craft the elixir powders I haven’t crafted anything yet so dunno what’s going on.
  10. Now I see dead Orcs in Giran did they die in PG and time ran out? This is getting weird.
  11. There is Olympiad, Castle Siege, Alligator Island, World Primeval, Orc Fortress, almost every TOI raid bosses there are fights. All of those are for pvp and I’m sure there will be more
  12. Dude chill, you don’t get people who don’t have to do anything, to do something for you, by being crass.
  13. Thanks for explaining it for me. Is L2W released in NA or do people from NA have to vpn to play it?
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