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  1. Dex = crit % StR = crit dmg, de daggers always did the most dmg because they had the highest base str + the passives they got from their skill tree.
  2. Now I’m wondering if my 10 deaths during the world castle siege did the same thing. I never even thought to check this out but I’ve been at around 50% since this weekend event.
  3. I get ur point, but I believe deep down the original developers had a very soft spot for dark elves. Beta-C3 de archers, daggers, bd’s pretty much every class they pwned. Then came the human daggers, archers when the dye system came into the game then finally LE’s had their day in the sun. My friends de bow user has never hit a stun on me and that’s a pretty important skill for all the bows. Mages in Olympiad can turn the tide if they don’t have 2 afk’s on their team by debuffing the heck out of most classes. I killed a decked out Titan tonight because the mage landed his skills and I w
  4. Why bother? Quit crying (not you xHaseo) and learn to play your class. Know who you can attack and who you should run from. As a dagger in Oly I don’t start with a Titan, I’d get pummeled. I know who to attack first and hope my non afk team mates can help out. Hell, I lost my last Oly to the number 1 dwarf on the server, it killed 3 80+ toons by itself. How many people you think would have believed that? No one told you to keep leveling a toon you weren’t happy with, yet here we are. Even if I started a toon today It would be lvl 80 in 2 weeks with full grace and xp scrolls. Ther
  5. I believe it’s sayas reduction. Also have you not noticed mobs were dropping a lot more adena?
  6. Oh an FYI everyone that posted b4 me said they wanted me to win so they are opting out of the contest. Queen Ant, her nurse ants were a pain in the bum, it’s between QA and Baium, I had some really memorable wars fighting over Baium so probably Baium.
  7. Are you talking about Having a character on Live and on Aden and separating the accounts?
  8. Here’s a few ideas. How about you play the character you started the game on? Rerolling is intended to be penalized, the only time it’s not is when a new race is introduced. Last week they sold a starter kit with +7 bgrade wep did you buy that? The Valakas was in game for 30 days or close to it. I have been lvling by far the most expensive character in Aden and even though I have alts, I play 1 toon in Oly(no afks for me.) I physically play my character whether it is nerfed or not You know how many bugs they had with over enchanting over the years? They never did a roll back for thos
  9. How are you checking this I can’t log in to server yet.
  10. The patch notes said rogue and knight reworks were being done, do you have any information on this??
  11. @Sunshine Where’s our server maintenance announcement?
  12. You on a illegal server? Unless you’re in Epidemic and get carried you’re not pulling in 25 million a day. Not possible, unless you’re planting the flag at the OF.
  13. Lmao, I’m dating myself here, but “Can’t we all just get along?”
  14. Oly starts 2 hours after OF starts I live in the US EST so it’s 3pm OF, and 5pm Oly. As far as clans go if you are bilingual you will probably do better than I have, because I can only speak English I understand Portuguese and Spanish, but I’m not fluent. Your best bet is looking at clans in the ranked section and see what their focus is, pve , pvp, raids, networking etc. Then ask whoever you are dealing with if they’re at war, although wars aren’t really a huge deal if you accept the fact that Epidemic and Epidemic2 pretty much owns Elcadia raid bosses.
  15. Just make sure you check your Aden Wep every once in awhile to see its dmg increase. At +10 my Aden wep did 22 more patk than the +7 bgrade at lvl 75. They stop giving you lvl bonus @ 76 I think. I use 10 Sayas Blessing when I wake up to get the 10 cookies, and use those b4 I do Trans, I get all but lvl V daily mission done in Trans then head to Toi for the 3k, Orc fortress will get you 150M Xp if you get a group. After OF I dink around until Oly, after Oly I’m doing World Primeval to make some $, then I do the other Primeval and finally settle down for afk farming for the night.
  16. I’m level 82 WR and I run around trans like, a spellhowler used to group mobs in Sea of Spores, in order to not run out of mp or get killed even with 500hp pots. Every other class I have I can auto hunt Trans in Aden gear with Aden wep, I won’t go over gear but mine definitely doesn’t suck. There are definitely cheaper alternatives, as far as Olympiad goes I hate it, I hate praying that I get Frankie on my team so I know I won’t be stuck with 2 afk’s, I hate that every other classes weapons do a hell of a lot more dmg than mine and the algorithm that is supposed to equal my crit dmg/ crit ch
  17. 4 characters all turned in 8 and omg 1 got 2 crafting stones….
  18. Don’t use scrolls for farming, I only use my scrolls for Olympiad and Transendance. You shouldn’t be farming where you need scrolls, go as low as you can before you get dark blues you will lvl a smidge slower, but will make more adena, and save adena in the long run. Just an FYI I’m still farming with my Aden weapon it’s only +13 .
  19. I’m a p2p player, but I’m not crazy rich…. I make a new character once one of my alts gets to 76 (for the magic tablets) It takes roughly $10 US to get a toon to 76 if you get a little lucky. Since, I didn’t play essence I died in 4 out of 7 Transandentals because I didn’t have the skill needed and I had never played some of the classes. Trans is very important at lvl 40 because you basically jump 4-6 levels when you get through it. Since we no longer get the free ticket don’t mess up, and try to find out what skill your class uses for its AOE effect. I basically use gold off of other
  20. Saw the same thing last night in PotM on Elcadia.
  21. My blueprints disappeared out of inventory sooooooo what’s up??? Patch notes said Oct 20 not 6 hours before server reset.
  22. I haven’t enchanted a cloak past 3 or a belt so, yeah I would like a chance to get them higher. Can some peeps afford 700 US, I would say yeah, but I have a wife looking over my CC statements so I won’t be maxing any of these out. Some of you have been complaining about the lcoin prices, they sell these in the shop dunno why you are wasting adena on lcoin. Am upset I’m being offered another bgrade wep instead of an Agrade/Sgrade which is the only weapon worth putting SA’s and enchants on? Heck ya! I saw a pair of maj boots for 160kk on Elcadia, you think it doesn’t chap my hide that I
  23. Yep, that would set me off!!!
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