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  1. the item removal is rescheduled for april 8th , but the question about character my rep points and oly manager shop remains unanswered
  2. if you wanted to clarify, you would tell us what happens to the reputation. is it going to be deleted as well? will we be able to use it at an updated shop from oly manager? lets say r110 items at a logical price?.... do you know whats outdated and underused? All the non tradeable items grocer's shop, other items option( except gemstones and arrows) merchant of mammon's consumambles shop ( except angels breath, gemstones and giant energies.. which how stupid at grocer's it s cheaper) steel door coins, exp runes below 100+, all soul -spiritshots except R grade. all the items that you have gifted us and are totally useless, all those free items that need a fortune to be upgraded, or cant be used for appearence modification! i know there are a lot more but i will stop.. i hope by improvements to the quality of life and hunting zones you mean that you are going to add all the items that exist in game to the drop list, that the exp and adena go back to normal or even higher , since all these years this action has brought no result to your war against botters and rmt ( in the contrary it has made them necessary for everyone who doesnt want to gamble in your events) oh! can you please remove the right to declare war to clans who own a dark castle ? makes sense , doesnt it?
  3. Thank you @Hime for sharig your plans with us a month ahead. I really hope you keep informing us soon enough to be able to react in game. (this ninja upgrade of the mentor guide shop really left many alts with a few thousands of mentee marks that i will never be able to use- since the new shop is only at 5/10/20/45/100 k-. i live in europe, so you posted at 02:00, and i was at work when server went down at 13:30) For the reason that i personally dont like deleting or losing items i farm for years ,would you be kind to share some more information about this item removal on March 18? Is clan shop going to be upgraded somehow? Will there be another way to use our reputation? Is olympiad manager shop going to be upgraded? the responce from you or any of your colleagues is highly appreciated
  4. stop deleting everything!

    its ok to delete some stuff that are not useful anymore, but no! they delete items we use and benefit from. for example? they delete supply box from the clan shop , but not the PK / reputation scrolls which are useless since they have removed the PK penalty. they delete the daily coins, but not the steel door coins which are uselless since you can only get scroll of esape to places you can teleport from the new system they delete the spirit stones, but not the red/green/blue seal stones!!! that item is out of game since 2012!! mammon still sells enchant scrolls D to A grade in exchange of blank scrolls!!! but what can you expect? they dont even bother to read what people say in the forums! you expect them to check what is happening in game?
  5. Thank you @Jujifor posting this. i hope your new hardware arrives soon. Have you thought about increasing exp and adena rewards per mob since you cut down the number of them ? do you plan on giving back all those actions taken in order to solve this problem? have you thought about deleting all these items that can no longer be used? such as catacomb seal stones, or blank scrolls or so many old items that we were farming for years but are now useless due to new content?? any intentions about changing to all those non tradeable items to tradeable or at least shared within account, so they can somehow be consumed? can we get a way to upgrade those xp runes up to lv99 since they are useless now? can we get patch notes or mainenance infos a bit earlier than now? ..... more to come
  6. Lineage II: Winter of War Begins on January 16

    what will happen to dual class from a toon that is not 105 ?
  7. Lineage II: Winter of War Begins on January 16

    it seems we will get informed on thursday on what they plan to delete on wednesday !
  8. Lineage II: Winter of War Begins on January 16

    thank you for sharing the patch notes before the patch and not few days after, like you did in past updates! thank you for answering asap on player questions and allow me to add a but.... or 2 1st but is the mentor system, and the question why is the mentor guide's shop not updated? 2nd is the circlet upgrade stones through the dim merchant, why dont we get that option? and last how hard is to turn all the character bound items to at least account bound if not completely tradeable?