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  1. Why should get someone who was in game and able to login??? Say us something any changes will be in rb's? Because at moment only cheaters farming @Juji@Hime
  2. It's sad and funny. But true. That's why game is dead, every day less players. They expect that someone will spend their real money for fight with someone who made hundreds of bilions TOP gear by cheating (not spending single $). If they want to check and ban. They will. BUT they don't want. So why should someone spend money here? For lose every single rb and fight?
  3. Seems they don't like new players. Ask them why they don't ban RMT-ers AND real cheaters.
  4. Read what they write, there will nothing change if there is pvp zone. WHY? Because Eviscerator can kill 2x 101lvl RB for 5-10sec. Steal Mind=immortal=duration is around 45sec. Only what will help us is to remove RB's from the map. And any notification. Or simply BAN cheaters, block VPN. Reveal them.
  5. Seems you are scared of your future income. You want say me that is normal that someone stay in game 24h every day? And normal is to use RB alert programs? If you ask me i would delete rbs from the map and all notification. This is how they can make more fun in game. PVP come from PVE.
  6. I would like to hear will be some solution for raids or not? There is just few guys who can farm it not because of some extreme good gear. It's because of cheating. Just check who when and how kill rb's around. You will understund situation and what happening there. 4 ppl farm everyhing 85-105 All other players farm kartia. Do something or you will need to close server soon.
  7. Before Xingcode implemented there was bot's and cheaters. After with Xingcode situation same maybe even more worst. Activity of Chronos and Naia every day decrease. Any solution? Maybe START to ban?
  8. Thank's final Xigncode is here. But can explain me what is different before and now? Cheaters still there, bot's also...
  9. Specially i like when someone reply, who wasn't left town/village since he start to play that game. You heard something so lets reply? 1. RB spawn is random 2.Isn't about my tp 3.It's about who can every 1sec even less click on the map watch at the screen 24h. And WHEN IS ALIVE be there in 1sec after spawn? (HUMAN CAN"T DO THAT) Only something what is called ADRENALINE
  10. You are right maybe 20ppl play same account and character? It's forbidden a? Better shutup and don't spam if you don't have anything smart to say.
  11. What are you talking? 1.Who said i don't have gear? 2. Who said i can't kill fast? 3. Who ask about barier? 4. I ask How one guy can every day click on map every 1sec on 5 different boxes and be at rb in 1sec after spawn? Smell like cheating a?
  12. Since we can see in world map RB is alive or not. There doesn't exist any chance to even see them not to kill them. Because they are killed 1sec after i would like to GM log in game and check how it work. Same guys still farming, isn't strange? Noone can't say me one guy is able to click on map every 1sec and watch at 5 boxes and react when is alive in 1ms. It's simply cheating... How to solve that PROBLEM. REMOVE rb's from the map (like they doesn't exist for 1-85), block using VPN's, Block Adrenaline.
  13. I would like to let us know when it will be, and will be it at all?
  14. As title say, is it sharing acc/gear forbidden or not? 2 guys from different countries 1 character 1 gear
  15. If it's in their interest they will do it long time before we ask belive me.
  16. Don't lose time mate, probably will never stop. I'm also tired fight with cheaters but as you see they can not do nothing, or simply they don't want. If they block using VPN and that Adrenaline it's half job done but as i said THEY don't want.
  17. agree with you 1. As i said i don't care will be xigncode. Need to work, we need something what will block that things (VPN connection, 3rdsoftware etc.) 2. Actually i don't care about usual bots which exping 1-85, spoiling etc. I care about fair play fair fight. I can't fight vs scripts... Which react much faster better then human can, take expamples rbs. Who can click on the map every mili second? And when is alive to log also in mili second? Noone who is legit even with macro mouse or whatever. They using something like adrenaline. If is that legit and they can't be punished i wi
  18. I don't care will be xigncode or whatever. Anything what will BLOCK VPN's connections, 3rd software (adrenaline) and other scripts. Don't be afraid if they don't make. I will start use same like you.
  19. Any information? Will be soon that security update???
  20. Ok let's say there exist cheaper abu then event giving. But what he don't play in same server where you play? Where you can't find even lvl1 I know you need to be TOP 1 in number of posts. But don't say don't need event if you don't need. Don't be selfish.
  21. Maybe he don't want pay overpriced talisman? Maybe there is really not enough items, maybe not recepts?? Or maybe better you find him and sell him lvl4 for 20b a?
  22. 1. I'm not on Naia 2. If they don't die in 1 sec they die in 3sec ( but in 1ms they are notified that there is alive RB how let me know) 3. I don't care anymore they die in 1 sec 1h or 1day ( I make decision to leave) enjoy there. (Don't forget give some $ to NCsoft) Don't take all dolars for yourself
  23. Look if you want to reply first read what i wrote, who said that i will run if rb die 1sec after spawn? Normal my teleport i using but guess what. I can't be on time there Anyway i already found solution leaving that bulshit, but thanks for trying for help.
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