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  1. so why is it that the only spot that the Book Ancient Book: Divine Inspiration (Beginner) drops is in the Dim Rift in Faeron Village and has a very low chance of dropping after u have completed all 32 stages? i know my char's need it and there is only 1 on the market and very over priced because there is only 1 on the server.
  2. Vitality Packs with Cakes would be awesome!!
  3. I am curious why is it that people are still going around pink in Beleth's magic circle to get people to flag i thought they fixed this? when on auto hunting
  4. I don't think the Birthday Vitality buff's are replenishing vitality like they should. May want to check that out.
  5. so if my main is a tyrr maestro i couldn't switch it to lets say a tank could i?
  6. are we able to Change our Main Classes at all?
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