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  1. Can you log 4 different accs on website and tell me what happens then? Because me and everyone Ive talked about got blocked
  2. This community is pure gold.. I believe ppl are just being 'trolls', no one cant be this dumb.. No one is complaining about max 3 clients at the same time, it blocks you when you try different accs
  3. Is this a joke? People complaining about macro, autopickup, while we have this great feature Ps. Lf help to fix this sh#t, changing timezone did not help
  4. Sadly a bad reason is being used.. Theres already a 3-box limit being applied so people cant run auto partys alone (if thats why you guys complain about). Removeing this macro will only stretch the difference between mage groups and meeles/archers. I will deal with it, but only in future we will see if this was a good choice or not
  5. Make 1 server with macro and 1 without macro so everyone will be happy! insert sarcasm token above
  6. Removeing macro because the possibility of 1 guy running full party on macro is the same logic used in putting ss in store since only 3 boxes allowed per person (no slot for crafter kappa)
  7. This just doesnt make any sense, You think knowing how to farm make you a good player? Experience make a good player. 1.5 its made for mages mostly, macros are there to balance the game between the rest of classes, people asking to remove macros are most mage groups, or nonfactor ppl who just dont care about meele/archer groups who want to be competitive
  8. There is a lot of ways of dealing with a loop macro, you can stun, you can bring mobs, you could drop itens (if ppl dont cry about dropping), stop trying to modificate the game, theres probably a reason why macros was inserted, probably to balance the grind between mages and other setups. 1º in this version its almost impossible to afk macro, always need man work behind the boxes; 2º if you ask to remove macros, you are either nonfactor, or you got mages party who doesnt rely on 10x more time grinding to reach same gear at the end levels; #keeploopingmacros
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