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  1. all kamaels are outdated, lvl skills each 5 lvl? after 80 doombringer have to wait till 85 to skill again, and there is no lvl further to rush impact after 80 so in high lvl it will not land stun never. And they got like 0 skills in classic realy shitty class. disarm of 3 sec each 60 sec? realy? not any p def ud, not violent temper(hex), not furious soul, not true berserker, not body reconstruction, they have nothing but rush of the doombringers of normal chronicles.
  2. -Making united grade ss/bss you steal one purpose of crafters, with new system of random craft, crafters are just ghost in game, the game have no more use to that profession. And there is no sense to key materials and recipes to exist. Making realy shitty cuz a important part of the game was to look for that items. -lvl 80+ have 0 and i mean 0 point in this game, kill mobs in afk mode for months to do just nothing cuz there is no content to be fighten. No one go to epics, just 1 asediable castle. -Full of bots map, from lvl 20 in agony till lvl 75 in all cata/necros you will see what i s
  3. melee chars cant farm in top areas unless they have full epics lvl 3/4 and full donated gear hat+10/belt+10/fate+10/pendant+10/aden tali+7/jewels lvl 4-5/cloack+15/ in top of A set+10 or S set+6 and S weapon +10. Mague classes can do the same with just dc unsealed+0 and daimon cry+16 + full buff. Not realy fair
  4. i think that is a little bit late right now, we can see how after the event of 16 years we had 7k online and now 3k (80%bots) and other illegal sv have now 20k online its kind ridiculous, plus that we have united 3 sv in one at talking island and cant even go further than 3k online its like nothing right now. They just let die the game cuz further from lvl 80 there is like 0 content for players, just 1 asediable castle, p2w events over and over, the only way to keep economy and lvl ingame is to be vip 10 (expending 375usd per month) to have ss and bless resu per day, without that you will need
  5. He is right, you only see bots ingame. The sv is just expulsing active players with all what is happening.
  6. all sets A unsealed cost like 200m but now with new system are like 100m, half. and if you get some drops of a sealed stuff mobing or doing some raids they worth just NOTHING. Same with S grade armors only were able to get them at events and a set unsealed were like 2.5, 3billons adena. Now a unsealed full set is on top 1b but you can get them for less. All the economy got broken with this last update cuz the game is so full of bots and there is no real content to be an active player in lvls80+ that has no real sense to keep playing this sv. If you are 80 with a normal a grade / s weapon
  7. with the craftting system they may get out of game cloth pieces, it have not sense to have them ingame. Just make A and S equipement unsealable with adena. The classic servers are losing all sense, the economy of all sv is broken, no sense to farm anything right now.
  8. People are leaving classic at crazy speed right now, month ago was 4 sv, and on ti 7000 online, now we have 2 sv and cant reach 3000 online. It is very sad to see an oficial sv go down like this. Bots+p2w+no real content to +80lvl is making all people leave.
  9. cant lvl up broochs after actualization. When you compound there is no option for brooches, so how you lvl up them now?
  10. i dont think removing all adena drop below 40 will be good, cuz a new player will have like 0 adena and cant event gk or get some gear when he reaches, but can make agony like exp x2 0 drop some mobs to fix that. If you see what is the sv now its just expulsing new people, you cant create accounts, the early is full FULL of bots, when you see ruin of agony if you dont quit is that you are realy willing to play this game, and at least when you reach 79/80 and know that to lvl up just 1 lvl have to kill mobs weeks/months you have nothing to do, so keep afk farming, i reached that point and see p
  11. Yeah, when you reach lvl 79/80 you have 4 elemental zones with 0 drop to let the party afk (but it should be to lvl element not to lvl exp of chars), had toi but now we dont, cata omens+necro disciples with low adena and low exp but perfect for afk (the problem is that still does not give any benefit to play active there), forgotten island with slightly good exp but a realy shitty adena drop, giant cave just shit. Thats all, a normal geared party cant farm in varka/ketra/imperial tomb/dragon valley/antharas lair/Toi cuz mobs hit too much, maybe just mages or archers can kill some mobs if they
  12. random craft also gives elemental stones, so they will go cheaper. What we need is more zones that can be used by real players, not only for bot or whales, opening rune zone for 75/85 in zones that you can realy active farm some adena. This svs have demostrated that they dont care about bots ingame, they are just everywhere and no one does nothing, the sv are geting empty and new changes expulses the people away.
  13. 1- changing toi that was the only active spot to lvl 50/75 fast and get some adena without spending ss has no sense. Now is 86+ drop like 5k adena per mob (ridiculous) and only a few in the sv can go there like dv or AL. This game is getting even more stupid if you reach lvl 80 you cant solo in ketra varka al sv toi, what you can do? only go to cata/necro 75/80 where exp and adena are shitty and only are used by afk party, or go to gc and forgoten island where adena is shitty too and you have to use ss. With this change you only get stuck active people en lvl 80 and only bot/afk players can fa
  14. how do you get the new clan poins to lvl up a clan?
  15. i dont see it that way, all can now get epics lvl 3 by random craft, the thing is that all market in game have no sense right now. cuz all A S gear are unsealed by this new thing and you can get weapons S, cloth pieces worth nothing right now, the only thing that may cost more are gems S. but other stuff just worth nothing
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