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  1. no even feathers in the event? or new box like s random weap for more tickets?
  2. OMG 5 weeks, and the event has the same rewards as before
  3. Reflect Damage in PVP

    in normal chronicles, mages get like 0 vr from magic skills, here you can just skill up hurricane and heal with vr like 1/2hp in 1 skill, reflect dmg is just the oposite. In normal were affected just basic attacks, here you will reflect all dmg recived, like with buff 20%+song20%+fate10 10%, maybe some argu and neck you can reflect like 75 80% i dont know, its seems too much but you can perma use life potions off 500/1000hp+pasive 30% 650/1300hp per potion with 0 cooldown, full equip full p2w char is unkileable 1 vs 1 here.
  4. its a 16 years old game, the kids of today just play shooter style games, MMorpg are not top played games any more so you need to keep the community that you have, cuz you know that the chance of new people comming to a server that has years its very low. In new servers you will have the emotion of some people that play some months but there are few that keep playing long term games. This classics svs are in realy bad shape cuz all new who enter see a full bot sv just 5 min after the begining and just leave, no one wants to play active in a game just played by bots, and its not the only problem, if one says that its needed to log 2 full pys to play a game it have no sense for most of people, who want to play a game where i have to log 18 acc to afk farm? most will just play lol, fortnite, valorant, or any other game, fun and short. I think most of people that play with 20+ accounts see this game like a work, forgetting that the real idea was not that, and you see now oficial svs with 3 4k logged chars, with some people with 20 30 acc, and 70% of sv are bots.
  5. a good masive ban to botters like it happened in WOW classic will be a realy good thing to see here, keep 10 account limit and put a permanent x2 adena drop to 75+ 80+ so it will not be needed to anyone to have the second party, to sustain the cost of ss of main py. It has no sense that low lvl 20 mobs drop 150-1000 adena and top mobs 80+ 9000 not even more than 10k per mob, the only way to win with only 1 py is to farm without ss but you cant do it in all spots.
  6. is it needed to have all members vip to get the drop bonus? i have 6 vip 3 but 3 of py are vip 0, so i have any bonus?
  7. the best thing is that boters need 1 key per pc, so if they cant log more than 10 box, they will just no bot here, so legal players may play in a real active sv, so far this sv was full afk/boted farm
  8. i think it will, the map its full of botted ponys in all spots, between lvl 20 to 75 and full botted parties in catas/toi 11/antharas lair
  9. 20 means 18 bots + 2 box buffer, naaa
  10. finally 1 thing againt the boters, thx.
  11. Ruin of agony

    they have buffers on gk of initial cityes, take gk , then buff, then again goes to the spot, and keep farming 24/7
  12. aden talisman

    is there any table that says enchant succes rate of aden talisman? and others event items?
  13. you have reached the cap of % that you can have. you will have base % ress of the skill pp se 20% ee 65% cardi 70% + a plus of top 20% in 28 wit so cap of ress for ee is 85% for cardi 90%.
  14. Vip level in party

    same here vip 4 1 char, and all the rest 0. I dont know how it works
  15. AFK to max level?

    its mixed some people bot, othes use automacro + autohunting