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  1. Or is there some kind of pattern that everyone does when they get the swords. On the map I aways see them go to Valley Fortress/ Dragon Valley area, then Storm Isle. What's up with that?
  2. No, let's not be too quick to say that we're where we need to be with XP. The update brought new content at higher levels. Whenever that happens, lower levels get boosted, or XP walls get lowered, allowing players to get to that new content faster than they would under the previous gaming environment. In short, XP rates are still too slow and there still need to be many more mobs in all areas below 113. Don't let them off the hook so quickly.
  3. Sorry, I disagree. 7 days is perfect. Don't extend. If anything, they should reduce it to 3 days. People are treating Restoration like it's a normal aspect of in-game enchanting now, when it's supposed to be a save feature to fix errors and mistakes. Usually when a person makes a mistake, they realize it right away and should submit a support ticket quickly. Also, tokens should be reduced to just 1 for the entire year. Some people are already using multiple accounts to sidestep the number of Tokens that they can use. Reduce it to one. Last, if Token Restoration continues to be a
  4. Hopefully that's what it's worth and not what you spent to get it.
  5. You might be able to find a buyer for the Antharas and Valakas souls, but most of that stuff is pretty useless. They need to update Prestige Pack and get rid of that stuff. Most of the people who can't afford the actual jewels just buy the boss jewel pack from the L2 store.
  6. Atelia is probably the best place to farm Homunculus Enchant Points quickly. Depending on level, class and gear, you can kill 500 of the mobs in 10 - 20 minutes. Don't forget to take some Powerful Fish with you. Other than that, the XP is pretty crappy, so don't expect to level there.
  7. People have been asking for this going all the way back to C1 when slow walking but fast killing nukers had to stop to pick up adena drops, mats and other stuff. They finally made adena drops appear automatically in inventory, but for some unknown reason not all event or new mat drops. You have to remember that this game was/is designed and administered by stable geniuses. Common sense was never part of the deal.
  8. The entire XP wall needs to be adjusted downward. Lower levels should take far less time to get to 112. It should not take more than to 2 weeks to go from 1 - 112. That's without XP boosts, 4 hours hunting per day average and an empty vitality bar. Boost mob XP, if you can't lower the XP wall. But get us there faster before all of your whales get bored killing the same 10-12 people and leave the game..
  9. No, I'm pretty sure that you will never be able to change dual to main in Red Libra, but they are working on something to be released later this year that functions like that. Just have to be patient. "Soon" is all Juji and Hime can say right now.
  10. This. @Juji @Hime Please figure out a way to increase the number of mobs in all hunting areas below 110. There isn't any place to hunt because all of the spots are taken, and there weren't many spots to begin with. - OR - Give out VP maintenance 30 Day runes in bulk and increase the XP per mob 1000%. I like a good grind as much as the next guy, but my utility bill can't handle me staying online for 24 hours only to get 0.008% increase in XP. If "happily ever after" is 110 and up, but more than 90% of your population is below 108, then it stands to reason that you have to figure
  11. No, what it doesn't take into account is getting killed by Demon Swords, wars, getting PKed by random reds -- you know, real life L2.
  12. I would hate to pay your utility bill.
  13. Yeah, no, they won't do it. And when they do decide to sell them in Grocer or other NPC, it will be because they've already started moving on to other stuff. It was like this with Giant's Energy and EOD. But I agree, everything that you need to upgrade stuff should be sold in Luxury shop. No exceptions. Or at the very least, this stuff should drop often enough in quests that people don't have to get mad for waiting 8 months to a year to get it. Life spans aren't that long any more.
  14. Be careful what you wish for. Usually when you get tradeable roses it's with paid events that have far better prizes. But all you'll win is tons and tons of roses, never the middle or top prizes.
  15. Herb should have helped with VP maintenance and recharge. We need faster way to get to 112+ where new content is. Making mobs easier to kill does that only teeny tiny bit when you get 0.00000000001 XP per mob because your entire VP bar is gone in under two minutes and there are barely any mobs. It will take years for anyone to go from 105 - 112 at this rate.
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