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  1. Fafurion Update Exp Gain

    NCWest invented reason nobody will like. L2 Store - removed emperor desert set buffs price was 100 potions each 1 hour = 400 Ncoin Added new ones - 100 potions Emperor special cocktail = 1.000. Ncoin. So to save Ncoins on buffs is convenient to hire an iss. New bufs are lvl 5 + lvl 2 warrior, tank and mage- But price are up by 250% and i don't think we get 250% more damage with those buffs
  2. Server status daily news

    Update Both Cursed sword now on Alligator isle. In one moment they were very close to each other but seem there was no fight will, decided to hunt other players instead-. Fishing in town is still possible.
  3. Server status daily news

    Naia is on. Number of players - unknown (shown as "normal") Number of private stores - unknown (shown as "normal") Number of afk macro parties - unknown (shown as "normal") Party matching - 9 parties looking for players so if you are fast maybe you get party. Cursed swords - both on in this moment. Zariche - Atelia refinery Akamanah - Aligator isle
  4. Anyone get toon(s) teleported to town?

    For various objective and subjective reasons from 140 members before update i was in two from clan members online, me and my box. Skill or attack used on me immobilized me and could not use any my skills or move - could not fight back or break some kind of barier as is suggested in this thread. When immobilizing effect ended was teleported in town. Owner of cursed word didn't fight me, he left me there and run to find other victims.
  5. Anyone get toon(s) teleported to town?

    No, i witnessed it twice, not killed, cp even not on half, full hp. Its sort of punishment for not attacking cursed sword owner. But even if you want to attack you cant as cursed sword skills and de buffs are overpowered and work on live victim not killed one. No any fun and as so not acceptable.
  6. Altar lf weak medic, doping, bait & strong dds. Level requirement minimum 105+....
  7. I tried Altar as a solution on cursed sword problem and also for Adventurer faction but we failed. Something is wrong or with mobs or with our damage, so your suggestion will need to wait better time. I vote to remove cursed swords.
  8. Pet Soulshot Bugg (Wynn summoner)

    I get this bug on my main but didn't discovered how. Usually it help to unequip and equip again my weapon but most of times is to late to survive if I didn't check before attacking mobs.. It usually happen when I come to hunting area, enable fire stance and esence of mana toggle buttons, cast empowering echo, apply buffs - Emperors Desert set (magic) and use Rose necklace to spawn NPC to get rose buff. After 30 min when I need rose buffs again don't have problems with shots anymore also after an hour with emperor no problem. Seem it happen only first time- Sometimes I spawn pets like fenrir or hatchling but don't have shots problems.
  9. Sword Zariche

    Maybe some kind of punishment for not attacking Cursed Sword owner ?
  10. Altar instance fail

    I used to avoid Helios as is much harder than Etina but Altar fail is something new for me. We didn't do almost any damage and time was running out, so we pr. Was more than 40 min. Question is are mobs so much improved or we are so much nerfed with update?
  11. Sword Zariche

    If you are killed by the owner of the Cursed Sword, the Prison of Souls and Scar of Soul skills are applied. Players were not killed. We badly need starver status, number of players and cursed sword info before log in.
  12. Sword Zariche

    It look like GM did not understood question. He say that you can use teleport when you are in combat mode it look like using bsoe. But in his answer there is nothing about forced teleport caused by another player.
  13. Cursed Sword Event

    Legal Documentation Cursed Sword System
  14. Sword Zariche

    Akamanah do same. In old times was supposed as antagonist of Zariche. Mean it should be used to hunt Zariche sword owner and not to harass people around. I reported it in bug section.
  15. Blood Sword Akamanah bug

    Today i witnessed twice attack with Blood Sword Akamanah. Attack consisted with some sort of skill witch immobilize you for a lot of time and when immobility end teleport you in town. Once form Black Bird camp and once form inside refinery. This is twice by 90.000 adena - cost to get there in total 180.000 adena, not counting all paid buffs, potions and scrolls witch will expire in that way. Except in financial damage it have few other effects like stress and health problems. But biggest bug of all that is that it cause to log off and play something else.