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  1. Wondrous Cubic. Worth it?

    No, is not worth. We have Paulina set and nobody bother for D, C, B, A, S enchant fragments and that is what you will get most of the time. R is very rare and some time in future you will need R110 lol. So outdated and kind of memory on the past.
  2. Dimensional Siege

    Yes is wired way to measure the power of clan members credit cards. They should use bank info or tax office info to determine which clan and members is stronger instead to loose time with siege.
  3. Xincode Error

    This video is very old, fake or joke or you have tools which block other connections. On server selection you have only Naia and Chronos to select. I have live servers and all zombie (classic) servers available for selection.
  4. Help My char cant move ( new here )

    As you actually don't loose XP upon death agro nearby mobs to kill you, might be faster than 5 min unstuck.
  5. Banned cause of cheat engine in another game

    Before you make new account: - delete all cheating and hacking tools from your pc - change mac address or buy new computer - change your internet provider - make new account - use new e-mail, another credit card and another bank. - divorce and get L2 player gf
  6. Fafurion update NC Japan

    I tried it second day after NC implemented it. I died at third wave or spawn by an big mob maybe bos and realized that there is no fun for me. Even if there will be next round with additional herbs, super powers and what not for me is not fun and I can live without that bracelet. I'm waiting on dragon underpants which will have super powers to boost my avatar into the sky with passive skills like keeping my poo to not drop it and kill all party with bad smel. *lost all mana on that mob trying to kill it but it was untouchable .
  7. November 2018 Preview

    Non gambling items are always the best items for sale. I would suggest L2 store sales of items like this: - shiny shirt +10 for 10 usd -cloaks +20 for 12 usd - 6 slot bracelets for 6 usd - 6 slot broch for 7 usd And many similar. Yes i know that if we count prices of pixels and working hours to create those items - then they are full over priced but still better that actual offer. *you will have trouble to explain your wife that you gave 10 usd for shirt that you cant wear irl. Or you are divorced already because you gave 3000 usd for gambling version of that shirt?
  8. Fafurion Update Trailer!

    All this nice items, gear and more defense, more power, more attack, more resistance and so on mean only one thing - mobs get a lot stronger with a lot hp and killing time unacceptable long. To be somehow competitive you will need to L2 store rmt xx.xxx usd again to obtain fancy gear and all new items and to lower mob killing time and get normal amount of xp per hour.
  9. Skills on next update

    You forgot overpowered evis.. Nah, if i look faction system and daily instances i get impression that NC want to force clans to have and maintain a part of support classes (mob killers) also at least 30% to 50% clan members as key classes ( tank, healer, iss ) to cover needs for every combination and situation of parties. I cant imagine clan to do siege with 70 tanks, 30 enchanters, 30 healers and 20 mob killers. Seem absurd. But that is what NC want even if they do it opposite wrong. Look at situation on server. To do instance or faction quests you need key classes. Without them (tank, healer, enchanter) you cant do your dailies and server seem dead. Mostly because faction system and daily quests do not permit key classes to offer their service to more than one party. Why they nerfed or forgot on classes like healer, tank, enchanter and caused lack of them is out of my understanding.
  10. Future Events; The Servers in General

    You take it wrong. There is no shirt or cloak events. They don't sell products, They sell gambling. So if you join the event and have pleasure gambling a lot you have small chance to obtain an item as reward if you need it or not does not matter as primary goal is to provide you pleasure of gambling.
  11. Live Server Maintenance: Wednesday, November 21, 2018

    Cant be used on armors +7 and up. For low levels 100%. *Heavenly Scroll was present in past in L2 store for a lot hero coins. But now when most of player base walk around in bluish armors is obsolete.
  12. [News] Oriana's Lucky Draw Starts 11/14

    Because of this event many players logged all of their many accounts on live servers. It looked cool with spikes on Naia with 3400 players and more. But they are not active just afk waiting and hoping in event result. Still if you need tank or healer server seem dead if you need certain classes to form a party. Mainly because bad game rules as those players who are active cant offer their service to more than one party or max two parties with consuming pass for daily instances. So daily instances are becoming weekly instances if you have luck to do it at least once in a week or if you have infinity free time to form party and wait, wait and more wait to get last party member who didn't consumed his righst for daily instance jet. As for event chances - lol I don't have any chance in confront of who have many accounts.

    There is Golden Compass event for P2W heroes. In same time you have opportunity to buy 5k Blessed scrolls of escape for only 1k hero coins in L2 Store so you will be almost safe in your bluish armor and dark red weapon happy using bsoe whenever you feel.
  14. Live Server Maintenance: Wednesday, November 7, 2018

    Cant wait to log in and endlessly wait for a tank who didn't consumed his rights for daily instance jet.

    They should start with fixing bugs, removing design flaws, removing intended and programed bottlenecks and so on before thinking on cash issues. For example faction system should be changed in mode that certain classes can offer their services to more than just one party (example tank, healer) Leaving clan should cause to clan to loose all clan reputation points leaving person did while in clan in mode that xp and hide tourist will think twice. Various bottlenecks should be redesigned. If they are claimed solo hunting areas than macros there should be disabled because refinery or gc and many other places are occupied by big macro parties 24/7 Each kill should count for quest and not that you are forced to do few thousand kills for 600 point quest. Or nerf all drops and xp on that places, redesign 10k quests on same mobs in same areas or rename solo hunting area to macro party area. Add to game mobs for solo faction dailies for gos 450, af 800 in mode that one don't need tank or other party members to remove feeling of dead server. Or remove quests witch force you to form party and wait for complete party for hours without doing nothing To offer final products in $ mean no gambling and not hidden values, could force NC to lower prices a lot and will not happen ( just think how much $ you are prepared to pay for shirt +10, for cloak +20. for top circlet, for top jewels for 6 slot bracelet, 6 slot brooch and similar)