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  1. Skill Power - how it work?

    This kind of math is contained in my first post wich include question about where are skill power increase from ability settings (+ 5% Power increase) and from forgotten power pasive (level 11 Forgotten Spell book Chapter 2 M.skill Power +1% to level 30 which increase M.skill Power +15%) Its square root base for your info. That is not same for all races and classes I posted in first post too. Btw links do not answer my question same as your post do not help too. Where we can see additional 5+15=20% added to an skill enhanced by 15% already? Should be way more then 753in feoh case i used.? And skill Power question is valid for all races and classes not just for an feoh.
  2. Macro loop deletion

    Because there are always people who want to make it way too easy. One person with uncontrolled unllimited number of accounts was always problem. Xgencode didn't stop it, macro loop deletion will not stop it too. Do you know how many accounts and clan pets were logged to cheat by keeping clan pets and fishing to gain clan reputation points? Do you know that there were (are) entire alt clans to defend castle and farm clan reputation points? Before Xgencode we called them bots, today we call them macro parties. Xgencode and macro loop deletion do not solve this kind of problems.
  3. Farming adena

    To make many new chars do not help as new chars do not get gemstone powder.Also with quests they get lvl 1 diamond , pearl and such but not tradable. To make any jewel to lvl 3 or 4 you need wait L2 store sale or event and you need a lot of NCoins. To make them without event sale you need at first place a lot of adena to buy lvl 1 jewel in private shops then gamble a lot in hope to make it into lvl 3 or 4 or having even more adena to buy gem powder an make it at heine npc.
  4. Skill Power - how it work?

    Thank you to inform forum users about how you behave when you want to check something. Your posts in this tread are totally off topic. So please leave this thread.
  5. Gap between average players and top ones is too big. To be competitive one need to invest a lot of k$. Until then competition lok like free de leveling service or suicide mission where you test if you will be killed by one or two milion of damage.
  6. Skill Power - how it work?

    I considered to post question in game questions section of forum. Its evident that you didn't read post as post is not about feoh which is used as example like also ISS was used as example. Nothing to experiment here. Question is mostly about Skill Power. Question got my attention as we recently got Forgotten Power Spell books about which you would know if you would read at least forums you provided links But by searching this forum you can familiarize yourself about too. But if you like you can post it one on feoh section, one in ISS section, one in Abilities section and one in Forgotten Power section. I don't read or post on forums you suggest but I allow you to troll also there. Btw where i might fint previous discussion about Forgotten Power? Ah yes probably on Russian or Korean or Japanese forum lol but I play on NC west and post in their forum. Thank you for post, it help a lot to answer my questions lol.
  7. Extend EXP Boost Event please

    In old days you had more options instead to get unwillingly involved in such competition. For example there were no such big level restrictions as now so you could hunt more types of mobs and still gain xp. And if you cant enjoy game you could always chose to log off and don't pay next month subscription. I believe that bottlenecks can cause less players playing as not everyone enjoy loosing time to find hunting spot or even fight for it for long hours without gaining xp.
  8. Extend EXP Boost Event please

    You said it, Sea of Spores is just another bottleneck in series of many in game. Our problem is not time but design flaws.
  9. Macro loop deletion

    IP addresses are to easy to cheat on, even mac address can be circumvent. If you read my post above you will see that I propose player verification and not IP or house but to provide valid document with pic like driving licence, passport, id cards + bills associated with that name so no anonymous fake personal info like age, name surname, address ect. I proposed it not only to save kids from gambling addiction but for security and other reason too. In that way you can have entire family , 9 computers and what not but with your name you can have two accounts which you pay or with subscription, or with vip or with prestige pack and similar, bank account, credit card and so on.
  10. Macro loop deletion

    You could from same verified name (passport, id card + house bills etc) and pay tp play - subscription, vip, prestige pack or other type of payment
  11. Macro loop deletion

    Xgencode and fight against bots didn't solve game design flaws aka various bottlenecks in hunting areas and quests for same type of mobs. Also deleting auto loop macros will not solve it as people like to play afk. Account restriction could help a lot: - only one or max two accounts per player ( to avoid 7 members party from single person) - No anonymous accounts with freshly created email joust for registration. ( game is gambling on a big part so need verification about player and his age with identity card, passport or similar to avoid gambling addiction of young kids) And ofc removing design flaws could help a lot too.
  12. Skill Power - how it work?

    How we can measure skill power effect in game ? For example: feoh Ultimate Body To Mind Lv 11 +15 Power Sacrifices 464 HP to recover 655 MP Enchantment effect: +15 Power Increases Skill Power by 15% ---------------------------------------------- Result 655 +15% =753.25 and in fact i get 753 mana each time i use this skill. But where to put +5% Skill Power from abilities settings? And more important where to put Skill Power increase from Passive Forgotten Power - Magical Attack Lv 15 which should increase M.Atk by 8%, M.skill Power by 2%? Seem that those from Abilities and from Forgotten Power don't stack and don't have any effect, Feoh have skills sorted by power with lowest Death Lord at power 100 and highest Arcana Comet Strike at 709 power. I guess that all this power don't mean nothing as if feoh could have power like an ISS to hit an mob with 46888 power added to p.atk (Chaos Symphony lv 3) That would be 66 times more powerful as is feoh strongest skill and it is definitely not true as in game effects. So what would be common denominator for skill power that could be valid for all races and all classes? Amount of mana consumed per damage unit? (lol) Amount of damage per second? (lol) Or whatever else as stats in Character Status for races and classes are so different that is impossible to measure anything. (would be cool to have a table like toon of this race consume lowest amount of mana to deal highest damage per second and recover approx. same hp/mp as other races)
  13. Farming adena

    Two methods. - Buy things in L2 store with ncoins and sell them for adena. - Join strongest clan on server by promising that you will work as added for toilets cleaning, dirty underwear cleaning, bringing coffee and cigarettes on hunting spots, cover boyfriend needs of clan members and similar. Once six months trial period has passed with success you will be allowed to dream next six months about dragon raids, after that you will have chance to get invited occasionally on dragon raid and get your share. If those two methods are too hard then here is and reserve option. Rerol to spoiler and earn your humble pice of bread with some caviar on it by selling acquired mats.
  14. Wasting boosts

    We loose boosts, potions , runes witch expire with time, every time we are involved in PK activity, unvanted flagging, harassing and so on. So nothing unusual and all work as intended. We should go to to basic, to origin, to game as it was 15 years a go when "classic" XPing was done without scrolls, runes or even without shoots witch nowadays work only occasionally to break monotony of usual lagging.
  15. Macro loop deletion

    Servers Chronos and Naia have in average 2k players each That is 300 unique players on each server. Each of those 300 players have 7 macro box party or private shops or fishing. So in total we have impression that server is half full with 2k players. But in reality only a small number of affluent players buy ncoins and pay all expenses.