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  1. Whe can't login here, and I don't whant be banned for use a VPN, please, help us
  2. I'm not 104 and don't have +12 weapon and +10 bloody set, so... I quite that event... Guys, I whant buy a +10 R99 Gaiters, normal, no elemente, server Naia, pls pm NeverDie, Khamy or ShieldStar
  3. Pls any1, my CP's tank rlly need a +10 gaiters, whe are in naia sever, 3 weeks and no1 sell in AH lol
  4. We're all tired of NCSoft's choices about instance boss drops. In 12 years playing lineage, I have never seen the drop of jewelry in istina, tauti, octavis. I do not think it's by luck, but instead of dropping something that lends, we can only get modify scroll.
  5. One more event to burn our adena Jesus... Is so hard to make adena, and now, without ppl in Live servers, almost impossible to buy anithing, AH almost empty
  6. Fail 12 times... more then 1bi lose Wth NCSoft, what u think about us players? Must be rich to buy a lot of itens to have a success?
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