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  1. nah my mistake-just change language from english UK for English US and work-my fault sorry-thats in suport-no idea how long but i did not saw that before-so sorry
  2. i cant add subscribe-thats a problem just get Error Something went wrong, please try again later! OK i can buy nc coins etc just cannot add subscribtion-before week i got window with maintanance web-now just without this mesage error-somethink went wrong i had ticket few weeks back-and got answer keep eye on the sites-soon you will fix it-so i m keeping eye just its a bit long.
  3. Hello Guys-i still cannot subscribe prestige pack-when you will fix it-we are close to month without-lf answer with info example->in next 10 days/ 5monhts will be prestige pack fixed and will be posible to subscribe again.thank you
  4. all this is nice but we will stay frozen in ice age for long time i think :-) in Korea can talk about 2nd may in april nice :-D
  5. Just remember when and wich raids u killed-easy add weather of the day and title of the news paper
  6. Fixed an issue where the Prestige Pack items were not fully being delivered after applying the coupon code.-->So Prestige pack issues will be not "fixed" just delivery for allready subscribed packs-so next week-3rd week no packs for new chars/ppls/acounts?I m just keeping my eye as has been recomendet to me... This web site is currently under maintenance. .
  7. so will be 15th and 1/2 anniversary event
  8. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cbB3iGRHtqA
  9. yeah u can saw that 15 times last 20 minutes before goes down
  10. dont spam guys-go submit ticket
  11. And when u pass-you will be kicked out of the game in less than 2min :-)
  12. good i m hapy for u-i got--> Unfortunately, the Prestige Pack shop is temporarily unavailable. We're currently working to resolve this as soon as possible. We can only suggest that you keep an eye out for updates regarding this. We appreciate your understanding.
  13. yeah if your subscription was on before "fixing issue-now u cannot subscribe becouse web under maintenance and fix will be "sometime" atm no info when it will be
  14. Hello guys-still is imposible to buy prestige pack->maybe is posible to know why or when/if will be posible to buy it-or will be not-any info-this doesnt look as fix issue-thank you
  15. This web site is currently under maintenance. Please check back soon. -serious.....
  16. This web site is currently under maintenance. Please check back soon - 1 week->is that resolved prestige pack issue? no more prestige packs?:-D
  17. Fixed an issue where your chat would show up in general (white chat) if you right-clicked on a chat tab -stillcant use other than "all chat-what i did wrong? :-D
  18. idkfa

    XIGNCODE3 Launch

    any cheater punisher? to give us a chance hit mobs in low lvl locations?.-D Bots everywhere and looks free-gm?i m sure its not loop macro :-D
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