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  1. @Hime The Dungeon Of Abyss is out of hand...it's 24-7 occupied by Russian and Brazilian bot groups in every room. It needs to be revamped to where as soon as you finish your quest that you either get kicked out or stop receiving XP.
  2. Classic Server Maintenance: Wednesday, November 28, 2018

    How about "The Spellbook event" ...Santa's elves had created spellbooks in the workshop, but monsters have stolen them. The pages of these spellbooks have been hidden amongst the monsters in Aden. Collect the necessary pages and bring them to NPC Santa's Helper in town to receive the specified spellbook. LoL
  3. Lineage 2 Classic - Bigger problem ?

    That's a very fair assessment with much truth behind it.
  4. Classic Server Maintenance: Wednesday, October 10, 2018

    I call BS on this! Where are you getting all the SOE's? You're one shotting all the mobs @ a low drop rate, maintaining your mana, while simultaneously dragging a buffer around and weaving in out of the crowd beating them to the mobs while spending 13,800 adena in SOEs per hour? You do realize how many people occupy the spider's nest all day long right?
  5. Recipes to upgrade lv. 1 mats

    https://l2wiki.com/Recipe:_Silver_-_Upgrade#Drop https://l2wiki.com/Recipe:_Silver_Wire_-_Upgrade#Drop https://l2wiki.com/Recipe:_Thin_Braid_-_Upgrade#Spoil https://l2wiki.com/Recipe:_Accessory_Gem_-_Upgrade#Drop https://l2wiki.com/Recipe:_Weapon_Fragment_-_Upgrade#Drop https://l2wiki.com/Recipe:_Leather_-_Upgrade#Drop https://l2wiki.com/Recipe:_Leather_Braid_-_Upgrade#Drop https://l2wiki.com/Recipe:_Armor_Fragment_-_Upgrade#Drop https://l2wiki.com/Recipe:_Greater_Cokes_-_Upgrade#Drop https://l2wiki.com/Recipe:_Synthetic_Fiber_-_Upgrade#Drop
  6. But it's not free though. We are paying for this a long time coming. How many 100s of thousands of dollars has the community been throwing at Ncsoft, lining their pockets every year? Is it too much to ask for a player participation event where time and hard work = reward? Gambling ruins lives in RL and virtually. I hate to go all Yidao and be doom and gloom, but this game is standing on it's last leg, and soon one of these events is gonna push it over.
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    Hello, glad to see it's up and working.