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  1. of course i own boots i dont like barefoot walk. but if you mean BOT. the adena farmers leave the server months ago. but you and your friends still crying, so the problem was not boters. the problem its you are horrible players farming elemental zone for years. next time you do a false accusation on me please learn some english o sorry maybe you cant.
  2. ofc im fine. i have all i want. you fine? still in fog like the last 3 years?
  3. cry cry like crymonstro and cryerlucas
  4. i dont care about your point. i just laugh of you always losing your time on forum crying. even with most of boters out of server, plenty zone to play you keep cryin. you blame dev. but the only reason you keep being random its your own fault
  5. you cant wait much "brian" from subjugation guy.
  6. LOL... for so much time mages/summoners rules the server and know that being melee its good thing all goes crazy... maybe if you ppl focus more on built a char and not rush all and pay for level could success on something.
  7. what its for you highest lvl zones? coz all the high lvl spots have good adena drop. GC, Varkas, ToI, etc. and if you want to take a room for farm, just fight for it. or wanna play afk simulator?
  8. dont know man... i make one new pendant lvl3+3 with 50usd
  9. just even try to go that places? i still dont understand why ppl buy lot of p2w of gear for go to FoG and type of zones. a yeah. cause they only know to play on AFK. DV, varka, etc are not for no hands players. sorry
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