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  1. LOL... for so much time mages/summoners rules the server and know that being melee its good thing all goes crazy... maybe if you ppl focus more on built a char and not rush all and pay for level could success on something.
  2. what its for you highest lvl zones? coz all the high lvl spots have good adena drop. GC, Varkas, ToI, etc. and if you want to take a room for farm, just fight for it. or wanna play afk simulator?
  3. mmmm... i think daggers are worst and even being that bad i see one leveling on DV last weeks. so i think depends how you setup the char no?
  4. dont know man... i make one new pendant lvl3+3 with 50usd
  5. just even try to go that places? i still dont understand why ppl buy lot of p2w of gear for go to FoG and type of zones. a yeah. cause they only know to play on AFK. DV, varka, etc are not for no hands players. sorry
  6. i want to know the same. why give more power to pks and bots to harass the game of others. even if i dont send rival to other clan if a clan send it to me they can sleep/root/agro my chars. that way can let me gone easy and claim the spots they said are of his own (like they was buy it or something)
  7. i ask because most pendant have more value than any weapon on this game.
  8. what type of pendant you give for a 2h blunt?
  9. what type of pendant you give for a 2h blunt?
  10. as some ppl want trade other only want sell. all are on his rights. youre the one i think dont understand it lol
  11. ok NC Soft you do a good thing (6000 days event, that hope will extend for 1 more week) and a super bad thing, about the new PK/PVP system. there was less than half of hour after the reset to make the PK all rampage with this. when the non penalty dead comes to end. the server (giran) will for sure suffer a dicrease of logs. because if till now players have problems with the PK. with this you give them much more power and put them easy to be anoying and harass others. @Juji @Hime if Nc Soft want to put an end to the server. with this probably will happen.
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