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  1. Good Afternoon, I decided to reroll to a Sigel Pheonix Knight. I am a returning player that has not played live for a long time. Normally you would assume that you want to get a weapon first but since i am a tank and there are so many new things in the game with all the accessories, runes, braclets, jewels all that crazyness. As a tank in noobie gear is there something that should be first and formost when looking to start gearing out? any suggestions would be amazing. Also obviously i am a Noob tank or else this would be the last question, but figured i would give it a shot. Th
  2. I agree with this if they would make farm areas that actually dropped stuff worth a damn id play live to take part. Honestly macro farm has destroyed the game regardless lol.
  3. NCSoft should bring back more servers and take away events that make people create characters for adena. In turn make adena more accesible to farm at lower levels 100 to 107. There is no reason for the game to put a hold on character and account creation. All there doing is pissing everyone off.
  4. Character creation i got news want to loose money... keep stopping character creation and account creation. Thoughs of us who work and waited all week to make a new main or start a support class that may get screwed out of it are getting tired of you bending us over from the rear and going to town on our wallets. Seriusly if i get home and cant create a character. I will spend my money else where. That just shows how much of a waste of time it is
  5. I dont understand what is currently taking place in regards to character creation or even account creation. If you are going to prevent people from making new accounts and or creating new characters. Your pretty much stopping flow of new players. On a different token you log on in the morning and run into issues of waiting in que to join a server. Why not open another server like bartz? if it is a matter of not enough space on the server for the players that are coming in to the game. You should think about creating another server.
  6. I think they need to take a look at some new business models. I dont know what ever happend to NCSoft to make them take a game that was really amazing. They have a player base of people that have played this game for years. Hell most of us started as children and are now married men and women with families. I am still playing the game but to be honest are we actually even playing it or just watching it play itself. I think they need to change with the times learn from some other companies. Yes they make alot of money from the purchase shop, but if they just took the time to listen to us and
  7. I have been out of the loop for a while, but is there any discussion on increasing adena drop rates and or drop rates/ mat rates/ rec rates? Ive watched alot of videos and the only real way to make money is to do Instances with a very low chance to get full drop, watching the market place or donating massive amounts of money into the ncsoft store and sell in game items for adena. What is the trick here because as far as i can tell you have to pay to play 100% if you dont its easy you just get newbie gear and that is as far as you get. If i am missing something please fill me in on a litt
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