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  1. A lot of noob questions, help me pls

    Hello, I want to become a main tank, but I have several doubts that maybe you more experienced can help me. 1.- Which is the 4 tanks is the best option? I like the sigel shillien templar, but I do not know if it is the best option? 2.- How does the dual class work? I know it allows you to upload the subclass to lvl 105, and that you certify and skills. the main class acquires the basic stats of the dual class? or the dual class acquires the stats of the main class? what benefit do I get from having dual class? which dual class is the best for a tank? is it better to have a different main class and take dual class tank? 3.- What secondary characters should I do? (dual box) What is the best iss for a tank? is a good idea create a wynn summoner for Leveling my tank? 4.- Which Revelation Skills are the best option? 5.- What are the dyes for each type of tank? or are they all for the same? Sigel( phoenix knight, evas tempar, shillien templar, hell knight) 6.- Old skill vs awakening skills? I have read in several places where they recommend not to learn all the skills of awakening, but it's old information. Is it still good not to learn all the skills of awakening? if so, which would be? 7.- Where can I find in-deep guides of the 4 tanks? I've searched on google / youtube, but there's only very old information. I'm a noob, but I hope to be a good tank in the future, thanks for your help