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  1. +1 Gludio Server is dead, there are no people to buy or sell their items, there is no PVP in the siege. Olympiad only 2 small clans participate, has class that there is in competitor has, such as Wind Rider, Sorcerer, Spectral Summoner, Paladin, Tyrant... You do not find clan recruiting, only one clan dominates the respawn of all epic boss, why other clans do not have players. Gludio Server is dead. Please, we need a merge or server transfer service...
  2. My point is that this game had the idea of being hardcore and hard to level up. How does a player gain lv 76 in 4 hours? P2W forever
  3. Is this really classic? How does a player get to lv 76 in less than 24 hours?????
  4. Will all these buffs be accessible to everyone? or do you need to buff before entering?
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