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  1. Ok smart guy i wont "spam" no more but you gotta learn what means after maintenance will give compensation pack
  2. No but they knew i was running 12 hours as a puller for some people amd they think its funny i know what i am saying
  3. Its boring repeating myself but i am not playing anymore i just wanted for collection lol are you butthurted for having something to do at least
  4. Its been an hour and still no compensation pack okay...they fall asleep
  5. @Hime. @Jujii think its time to get our freebies ? Maintenance is over what you think
  6. Once you taste it you cant leave it lol bro keep thinking i am still playing and i am bot hahaha
  7. Thank you finally some smart this guy is so hard will never understand the rules of a gamer because a gamer is selling services of coins in games
  8. You really dont get it ? Naia is dead none is farming because no people its not because people selling adenas and if thats so how do they get their items ? Once event came out chronos was full of jewels god stage 1-2 and lot of dragon frags i logged to naia barely saw 4-5 dragon frags and zero god jewels naia is dead and for that you got crazy prices its not the rmt
  9. Yeah because naia is dead haven't tou realise it yet ? Go check chronos prices 10-20b less price on items and please we talk about mcwest not core core is cheap server everyone knows it both different companies bro
  10. I am not playing i am not hunting treasure chests i quit becuse melee attack i am only here to see if they gonna fix it
  11. Holy cow we got so old people in game? No offense but you got my respect for that keep up and stay healthy mate
  12. Its not a joke its the reality you keep living a dream sleep more
  13. You might be right some golden balls like always but if i was a gm i would give prestiges to everyone amd extended the event 1 month because already we lost 2 weeks of melee attack and dc
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