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  1. its been 17 years old bro wonder how old are they now 60? because they dont read what we say they prefer RMT etc because they keep games alive even if you buy ncoins or adenas its the same crap because both ways keep game alive
  2. ncwest never cared for their players they do everything for money kick free players and keep huge pockets players example 20 people vs 20 people soon if they continue making scum events its a game not real life their prices are joke.I am not having any problem with events i am cool with it because i dont play anymore after what they did promotion for dragon shirt some scrolls + shirt 50 euro or something like that and a year ago they gave dragon shirt FREE from exalted quests also lvl 3 gems if they ever played naia or chronos jewels was hard to get em lvl 3 even so expensive because then was
  3. lol drama queen hahaha yeah i am having 2 l2 windows minimized dd and iss and playing league of legends at same time its really rare to get l2 crash report but none had ever paid attention if a game crashes whats the problem ? RAM ofc
  4. macro with bot is lot different you can ask HIME or juji they are bots
  5. thanks tho but i dont have any problem i quote a guy who was crying about l2 crash reports
  6. L2 Crash Report is made because you dont have enough RAM or GB i usually carry 8GB on me if i open 3 windowed L2 and try to open league of legends at the same time its more easier to kick me from l2 instead league of legends because l2 have this option once you pass your RAM you are kicked out so its not from l2 or dev team its something normal Just upgrade your machine and all good.Also if you playing 3 windowed or full screen characters better for ya to ALT+Enter to make them windowed and once you finish with 1 toon and you leave it AFK farm minimize it less RAM and so on..I even minimize my
  7. one question i just killed my whole VP and says bonus boost 20%
  8. also you cant call me crazy because i havent accept those erupting potions when they giving them for free when i am saying i saw 420% 300% +100% in VP bonus i know what i am seeing i am not blind like our game masters
  9. it did showed up when server was up then next day i was missing 100% exp from current total boost .it might works idk idc because i am not playing but most weird thing is 100% dosnt show up so its a bug fix it or dont even open the serve rkeep it close it for ever?
  10. @Juji @Hime @LIME chop chop chop there is no time to sleep or for holidays your event is not working as it should be bonus 100% exp is not working says only 320% once server came up i remember it was saying 420% and now 320%,Also distance pt is crap now you have to decide if you wanna farm adenas or exp ? i dont get it i mean every kind of this events you guys make thousands of money by selling prestiges because everyone knows top dds trading gears to lowbie toons and farming instanced zones so easy money and now you fail it more
  11. actually bro 100% is not working at all i got full vp and says 320% and i am checking at VP bar says ONLY 300% its used to say 300% (100%) BONUS
  12. If i remember correct IOS has changed at least 4 times over the last 2 years? or 1 year and a half for some period increase adenas some other decrease etc etc ncwest cant stay stable maybe because server settings adenas are running low typical UNBALANCED company sorry guys there is no F to respect but to spit in yo faces
  13. They killed their own business exp event while nerf IOS adenas etc.. so if you consider it they dont care about money but how to kick players from server and keep those who are not getting affected much by every week update because we all know every week we have some nerfs/upgrades
  14. I know guys iam off from the topic they ask feedback on update they did 3 days ago.But my opinion is MAKE L2 PAY TO PLAY 10 USD PER MONTH OR PERMA UNLOCK ACCOUNT TO PLAY BUT BEFORE THEY DO THAT fix zones fix chances the REAL CHANCES of crafting etc also chances for EVENTS Yet they say dragon weapon standart or top grade but the chance is 0,0000000001%Which they know korea has more money than europe because mostly are europes here.
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