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  1. I know guys iam off from the topic they ask feedback on update they did 3 days ago.But my opinion is MAKE L2 PAY TO PLAY 10 USD PER MONTH OR PERMA UNLOCK ACCOUNT TO PLAY BUT BEFORE THEY DO THAT fix zones fix chances the REAL CHANCES of crafting etc also chances for EVENTS Yet they say dragon weapon standart or top grade but the chance is 0,0000000001%Which they know korea has more money than europe because mostly are europes here.
  2. Why would you make only 1 zone with adenas increased intead making all 105+ areas adenas increase atleast 50-100%? I am sure they dont have enough computers or even so increase some areas not every area because i went to neutral zone and it was smaller than a town LOL, maximum 7 parties? if anyone have counted...You dont need to ask us how was the update if we enjoy it or not for the 5-6 years i am playing l2 EVERY UPDATE IS BAD TO WORST.You know that very well you could check your forum files and see every update how many people complain about it and how many gave good feedbacks i bet not ev
  3. No need to be worried at all this is one of the ways @Juji and @Hime trying to kick out free players and keep only those who pay a lot
  4. @Juji @Hime you realise chronos is unstayble and unplayable? <---- (sometimes) .Like you said if we have any issue with event or the "short" update to report it here so we did actually report it here and you dont care at all... You only care for money and steal people. At least do it right not like this....
  5. giving us free exp runes etc etc... and now we losing them "Again" because server is down well done! guess more compensation packs coming ?
  6. Rumors says that if you have optical fiber its really hard to lose connection but who can explain that? I never lose connection. Verification codes been 4 months so its bit impossible to be my company fault either my machine fault makes sense ncsoft fault thats why they gonna upgrade the routine of server next time read it more carefully or before you read the maintenance have a meal seems you are hungry and eating words hahahaha.... Funny right?..... As you can see they are upgrading so they know the problem so your ideas are totally..... Wrong have fun anyway i am out of this zoo like i said
  7. My isp is fine as my connection too everyone complains around Europe how whole Europe got the same problem? Even not that much how is possible whole greece have a problem? We got like 5-6 different companies of internet why all of the losing connection? Dosnt make sense i get dc but i can play csgo online fine ips etc are working perfectly and yeah ofc when a bug happens they wait next maintenance to fix it
  8. There must be a good reason for that...so what is it? Keep top spenders and kick free players or what? Does European people dont pay you enough nccoins ?
  9. Once you get 110 and you gonna need gems for your class don't cry for their prices because everyone knows if chests disapear what gonna happen? Gems will be cost at double price none wants that i am sure
  10. @Hime @Jujiare you aware that server right now is unplayable for European players even with optical fiber? I just logged and dc again cant even move take an airplane and move to Europe amd check for yourself at least i am not racist eith anybody
  11. There is nothing to confirm for... Everything is their fault not ours and not our internet..They just need so info from activision/blizzard They merged why they dont try to merge with them too? More money more items more balance...And no lags better DEV teams ask how many players are in wow and cod tons of them and yet l2 still lagging no improvements at all...Wow is almost more older game but every month more improvements.Ncwest are to lazy to do their job right thats all no hard words just the truth!
  12. @Hime @Jujiwe are waiting for compensation pack or an explanation
  13. Yeah and now server is down hahahaha ncwest are so bad with us
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