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  1. I did a report cuz i was getting pked for no reason and Juji support team answer was part of the game yeah right so how about remove this THREAT FROM FORUM once and for all
    https://forums.lineage2.com/topic/15394-⚠️-report-harassment/ like i said to my email no war i was just in my spot if you cant work properly just give up your jobs you cant handle us pk is violation and not part of them the continius pk is violation i am waiting for actions i aint gonna answer to none take your actions just because he is top spender dosnt mean you dont have to take actions on him :) 

  2. On 6/23/2020 at 12:11 PM, Degus said:

    You chose a stupid class cuz it was cheap to play, delete this class, all it does is promote rmt bots and clutters up towns near npc's.  I know there a a few that actually play this class, 2% I'll bet, but the rest, come on.......

    yeah right come over in naia and test my wynn on 1v1 wynns are still in place 

  3. Just now, Taalgard said:

    Like i sayd... No 1 put gun on your head to buy wateva.... Game is for pleasure... So plz , invest 1 or 1 bill euro... Its your choice , just dont cry for everything , if you dont like game or drop or dev team or events .... dont cry plz ! Its simple - quit.

    We dont cry we demand changes if they want money from us 

  4. 1 minute ago, Ormond said:

    You're right, it is just a game.  But it's also a game where some have invested real money.... that's not something to be sniffed at, neither is it 'crying'.  The game is loved by many, but do you really think it's evolving as expected?  Suppose it depends on how long you've been playing and the changes you've seen.... just saying :)


    True we ve been buying events that nowdays we got them free so you can call it as a scam we waste more than 3-4b per jewel to make them lvl 3 and now we get them free also dragon shirt was like 4k if i remember correct now its free they kill market with exalted armors and weapons which is nice supportive way for free players i wont disagree on that one...But what happens if top spenders got bored pvping each other one day and free players leave server for good and no people around?.. They gonna fight each other till they get tired/bored so keep the hard work ncsoft :P 

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  5. 1 minute ago, Tityus said:

    We have the worst rate in all servers.

    Its passing the time to normal ppl have lvl 6 jewels and lvl 1 DW really drop from the event.

    3 DW with ppl open boxes like here is nothing and 90 min to remove PK numbers?!

    Looks too much for me.

    You guys are losing you credits day by day.

    200 forgotten open today and 3 lvl 3?! really looks a scam for me.

    GL to the ones ho stay in this scam server.

    Sadly yeah the rates sucks a lot friend of mine used 50 euro (4k nc) just for dragon shirt scrolls and bracelet nice gg ncsoft :D actually why did you put them on the list when we can farm them in primeval isle? they max cost 20-25m dragon shirt scrolls and bracelet max 2m 

  6. 4 minutes ago, mixa said:

    You don't do such things just like that in live production db. First back up, then dry run, then check, then update the live db, verify again. Boot the server components and check if stable and other issues.

    i hope you aware they dont do these.. they just update and run server without care for nothing just $ :D 

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  7. 24 minutes ago, Bethra said:

    Why are you still here? You are not the only ticket and I am sure they have priorities. And what's up with the name calling? If I was them I would put your letter at the bottom of the pile just for that.

    Never ask your opinion if you gonna put my ticket in the bottom... And its their work to do it right if you ever read their rules you would understand why i am complaining they max need 12-15 hours to answer not 27 like now.... 

  8. @Hime Why dont you close server once and for all...? since you guys cant keep it fixed from bugs and lags...Also dont forget your support team is slower than death itself i ve been waiting for 1 answer for almost 26 hours now cuz of @Juji fault late info about Gem Energy item..Come on we are your costumers dont ignore and answer our questions you really like losing money cuz of your stupidy?...Tell me 1 example of support teams who needs 26 hours to answer a simple question... Tell me other games are acting really quick than you guys.....

  9. @Hime

    6 minutes ago, Hime said:

    Our Customer Support team are going through tickets as quickly as they can. They will get to yours as soon as they are able to.

    Yeah waiting 1 single answer  about 25 hours and yes i think you guys trying to avoid our questions 

  10. 4 hours ago, Juji said:

    Yes, it was an intended change according to Dev.

    We received some last minute fixes that included the settings from another region, which caused issues with Vitality and Attendance rewards. The XP is lower now because the server boost event ended on 4/22. The event had XP+100%, Vitality +300%, and Party Hunting Bonus +50% boosts.

    The dev team is investigating the change to the clan mission rewards that dropped it from 560 to 280. I have added it to the Known Issues thread for tracking.

    @Juji did you even care to report to us that they gonna change mentor buffs? stop acting alone and bring them back you never said nothing about mentor buffs..If you forgoteing to report new things leave from gm place you almost now game worst than before  

  11. I got few words to share with you guys and some realities... I see they care more for classic they answer faster in there than here @Juji is answering their questions but when we ask no answer just ignore we are on the dark side arent we?.. You are the most poor and worst company i have ever meet in online games each patch you update you make game worst with bugs lags and ruin every class to force us play the most "top class" you think...True GameMasters are close server and fix it and they have one test server if you are lazy to test it then give us the link so we can test it by ourselfs since we know more what is going on inside the game Gms you havent logged more than 5 years in game to check adenas sellers still exist they spam bots still exist you made free pk system dont expect any free spot or unrevenged one..So my point here is simple put your asses in one chair and fix it you made buffers healers crafters most useless in game you gonna tell me why? Simple you upgrade VR.You killed PvP you made zones with no pvp availiable half server cant even speak of their low profile of english You just put us 6 years back.. Xp is way to much nerfed duo acm with 515% and got only 8% you propably smoking something when you make Maintenance if you want costumers fix your game or be prepare to be outside and asking money for food you are disapointed company with no intersted on players but to money if you want money fix it when we see changes then we pay.I got xp runes running in few of my mentees the last ones from attedance rewards 200% ones but the xp is low i even log out i prefer play cs and shoot some people which i can imagine that its your company..If you get hurt by my message i dont care we even asked you 3-4 days ago what is gonna happend with balok and never answer..At least grow up and tell us that you care for classic more than Live servers..We are humans we understand better than your monster company  :)

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  12. 1 minute ago, CoronaKiller said:

    It would be possible to sue NCWest for poor service, if several paid for the service and they have a terrible return to the customer. Any lawyer would win this case.
    But, it is not a paid game, and it will never happen, until there is a team focused on keeping the game balanced, clean, as was the first Goddes of Destruction, we will never have satisfied players. I already said before, NCSOFT should hire illegal server developers, more people, more brains, better ideas.

    I dont know what are you talking about they havent stole anything from me or did anything bad to call lawyer besides you cant call one because its your choise to pay them for nccoins not them they just offer them...

  13. 12 hours ago, -Madonna- said:

    Man, they are absolutely not cry words, just a reaction to an unbelievable conduct and management.

    Too long times to take action (1day per week and byebye, "see you next wednesday and see igmf you're luck next time!")


    Game economy stuck and going up

    Gamelife stuck and prohibitives

    Hunting primeval isle desert

    No open world rbs to do and drop gears/value drops (i miss 2014) for farm

    No more epic bosses to join for all ppl like before, or ur'e high levels and hard geared or u can never do

    Hard expensive gambling events scams


    Ah my prestige was bought when thei announces new hardware machine and when was up i had changes extremely positive my atkspeed and i start trust them again happy, then i damn regret that coz i discovered lag incoming again!

    Dont forget more people are coming or more mentees lets say that way, less spots for rest of players they must expand exp zones too example blazing swamp is already full :P but they can add such other zones easy to kill mobs so people can farm their exalted parts