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  1. 1 minute ago, Excommunicated said:

    I said it once and I say it again, we are the fools who continue to buy ncoin and I include myself but I only buy what I need and that I get in a 100% destiny pack and prestige pack, I no longer spend on roulette with crazy events and very low enchantment rates. You will no longer get my money for nothing, if you want my money give me something 100% sure.

    Count me in the fool  team haha! ya but atleast 30-40% of server must stop gambling in events i have seen outnumbered shops sellings event items to play on events coins etc they must stop buying ncoins till juji and hime wake up and look out at their work we are on pandemic we might stay home for hours but yet we dont have the money to gamble into event to get roses etc 

  2. 2 minutes ago, Lunastariel said:

    Like I said in a post I made earlier about the 100 limits of the discounted destiny pack, not that I cannot afford it but when they do this kind of stupid thing. It's like throwing a piece of rotten fish at the players and laughing like a joke.

    This only make players lose their faith and respect for whoever decides it, if they even have any left after so much pounding from the community. Nothing was fixed, game economy is overpriced like crazy! Example, converting Adena prices to real money value, one Level 5 Ruby cost about U$500!! One piece of +10 artifact cost about U$250!! ONE PIECE!!! And none of the items or materials can be gained from monster or boss drops! Adena drop is nerfed, item drop is nerfed, xp gained is nerfed, now even damage is nerfed. What else is going to be taken away again?

    Although they did listened and put one FREE event with one SALES event, BUT with the rates worst than any casino in the whole wide world, it's like throwing another rotten fish at the players and laughing like a big fat joke. Is it so hard to give good stuffs to the players? Will you lose an arm if you give a top reward to increase a player's character in a GAME OF PIXELS? Afraid they sell it for RMT? Put it untradeable then! Stop giving half rotten fishes. I see friends buying thousands of dollars of ncoins for these events, end up they don't even get a decent reward, even if they did get lucky with a dragon stage 2 weapon, it's a RANDOM weapon box for goodness sake!

    So many players love this game because of the fantasy setting and I believed with a Remastered graphics version, this game will be one of the best popular game BUT WITHOUT ALL THESE BAD DECISIONS & EVENTS. This December could be the last straw for many players. There's so many other game developers and companies treating their games and community with respect so much better. Good luck!

    You got my respect best comment i have ever read entire those years i am in here in forum and i like the idea of untradeable item reward and you are right about prices of these items ruby etc but since they increased mobs zones and dailies defenses hps etc they must increase our damages to be able to do them so..Example imperial tomb yet yeah i know evis can solo the way in and out inside there but other classes needs more time for my class was difficult to do so as solo having around 300b items in gear and i couldnt even finish it.Since i have given this information many will say you got wrong build up well guess what no i have the right build to do it... lineage 2 was great game when it was around 2015-16 everyone needed a party mobs werent that hard to kill or farm any adenas/or drops because we had raids too now since raids have been disapeared not all raids but 80% of raids are disapeared and only top clans in server farm em for their own wooping ass its useless..lineage 2 is dead from the day that everything was changed to ruin 

  3. 1 minute ago, Weenz0x1 said:

    So much crying going on :D i'm from EU and i got the pack. That's what black friday is lol :D

    And also why would they put more than 100? You're gonna buy the 2.4k Ncoin one anyway, they'd loose money :D

    If it was a crying i would complain otherwise but no since i have quit this game like 3 weeks right now XD less you know much better for ya and i am eu too but i am not staying 24/7 cuz no worth at all XD and trust me just a few buying those packs 2400 coins but if you consider 80% of server buy this black friday pack in whatever price i dont even had the time to check the price 1200? they still make profit 1200 for pack + some other kind of staff like the boosties x100 each of em if you dont know maths you better not talk to me you cant even overwhelm me try again once you grow up :D 

  4. 2 hours ago, ArtaX said:

    Start stop your adrenaline Bots and the queue will be reduced. What's happened you cannot run for the best feoh of the server? Afraid of doing it manually?

    Are you mad or something for pulling manually for the best feoh in the l2 world??? I am not a bot i have done it many times 6 hours storm before update if you got good music and beers its easy besides you are newbie i was online ingame 10 hours a day on 2015 where macro wasnt even exist.well was exist just to use mobs names to make macro etc but still i am used to it farming like 12 hours a day sitting on a chair... Simply you havent tried world of Warcraft and other games to understand that.. good lyck random keep calling me bot I like having fans why don't you try report me in ncsoft they won't find anything strange on my programs i am clean as a cat ??

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  5. Random disconnections well done ncsoft worst company i ever seen and angel cat on chronos but naia gets a nothing like always just give me an email once you remove queue again i would love to play again but only if queue leaves and.... I want my money back prestige and exp runes every 1-2 hours i. Getting dc while my internet connection is flying like a bird without any problem ?. 

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