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  1. If it was a crying i would complain otherwise but no since i have quit this game like 3 weeks right now XD less you know much better for ya and i am eu too but i am not staying 24/7 cuz no worth at all XD and trust me just a few buying those packs 2400 coins but if you consider 80% of server buy this black friday pack in whatever price i dont even had the time to check the price 1200? they still make profit 1200 for pack + some other kind of staff like the boosties x100 each of em if you dont know maths you better not talk to me you cant even overwhelm me try again once you grow up
  2. But hey everyone is following the money so informing top spenders in your server you are covered by your monthly paycheck right :D.Would be rlly bad to have a bit extra tips from other players too right
  3. i see no lag issues or anything from those options
  4. and since they do it at nights like sneaky snakes something have happend bug or something from event too many lvl 5 and they lose money? because when we have bugs or lag/melee attacks they wait 1 week or more to fix it
  5. Propably i ve check it today out of boringness but 1 hour and 15 mins for that? i am sure they gonna mess out something more intersted without saying a word
  6. Are we gonna learn the reason ever? or we will find it out ourselfs?
  7. oh get ready for secret updates/changes like they always do
  8. Settings that are dead ATM while event is extended
  9. @Juji @Himegive us back 100%adenas/ drop rate
  10. Removing adenas rate and exp before maintenance while its extended... You are so bad company
  11. Stop asking for gm buffs or extend xp boosts event wanna crash secer for ever stop making mentees and logging alts to farm 4-5m a day simple
  12. I am not joking mate haha... Dont forget some good weed so you won't feel a thing
  13. Look. Its better remove event right now so we can avoid queue what i mean no exp = no queues simple cuz everyone wants to xp and log alts
  14. Are you mad or something for pulling manually for the best feoh in the l2 world??? I am not a bot i have done it many times 6 hours storm before update if you got good music and beers its easy besides you are newbie i was online ingame 10 hours a day on 2015 where macro wasnt even exist.well was exist just to use mobs names to make macro etc but still i am used to it farming like 12 hours a day sitting on a chair... Simply you havent tried world of Warcraft and other games to understand that.. good lyck random keep calling me bot I like having fans why don't you try report me in ncsoft they wo
  15. New mesage show up complete close game (7) loool you are so broken 307 queue we even getting dc inside queue hahahahaha bye lineage
  16. Queue stuckednis not moving for minutes right now gg
  17. Seems you are new or i dont know but its time to leave this lame game or better leave this corporation
  18. I feel i am getting scammed by ncsoft right now wasting my xp runes etc just to log into a game that i will get dc again
  19. Random disconnections well done ncsoft worst company i ever seen and angel cat on chronos but naia gets a nothing like always just give me an email once you remove queue again i would love to play again but only if queue leaves and.... I want my money back prestige and exp runes every 1-2 hours i. Getting dc while my internet connection is flying like a bird without any problem ?.
  20. @Jujiyou better give prestige pack to whole l2 world you ruined with queue and we lost trillions of exp with these maintenance so good luck i am done i said it if queue comes back i am done and so many others will leave bye lineage 2
  21. Find me where we get those scrolls cuz i dont see anything on it
  22. Hey are you mad i guess?... Well how do i know they gonna change and delete few things if i havent read the patch notes? you make yourself look like idiot my main question is simple can we use both passives 27% patk and 27% p skill power at same time or not? if you dont have the answer dont quote simple @ArtaX... Also about catching friends whats better ? catching friends or scammers in game? i prefer friends than scammers so stay out of my way dont make drama inside here too Juji said he dont want it so if you looking for troubles feel free for 1v1 ingame
  23. @Hime @Juji dont forget to test server once you done with these "updates" , Reason why you wanna remove Dual energy of new power? and you dident explan us whats gonna happend to super advanced bracelets nowdays passives are they gonna remain untouched or remove to put the new ones? one more question where we can find those scrolls about artifacts and bracelet things? no explanations at all you might wanna reconsider on your next move.One last thing you never answer my question if we get all certifications we can get Berseker rage and and the other for skill power? and if yes they stuck?
  24. and also did you read something on my text about 1 hit K.O? learn english before you come inside here cuz if you reread my text you would understand why i am so offensive right now .. Before speaking in here try use google translator its a friendly advice
  25. you seem to be new in here you cant even quote the text i made haha mate you aint gonna teach me how to play and how to pay ncosft for free... i dont like paying for boosts game is free to play so levels must get a little bit easier to catch.. and dont forget to 1 shot mobs in storm/pi or whatever 1 hour instance zone it is you have to be well geared but since they downgrade their paychecks its fine for me they lose more money now with 3 hours each instance zone
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