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  1. Hey are you mad i guess?... Well how do i know they gonna change and delete few things if i havent read the patch notes? you make yourself look like idiot my main question is simple can we use both passives 27% patk and 27% p skill power at same time or not? if you dont have the answer dont quote simple @ArtaX... Also about catching friends whats better ? catching friends or scammers in game? i prefer friends than scammers so stay out of my way dont make drama inside here too Juji said he dont want it so if you looking for troubles feel free for 1v1 ingame
  2. @Hime @Juji dont forget to test server once you done with these "updates" , Reason why you wanna remove Dual energy of new power? and you dident explan us whats gonna happend to super advanced bracelets nowdays passives are they gonna remain untouched or remove to put the new ones? one more question where we can find those scrolls about artifacts and bracelet things? no explanations at all you might wanna reconsider on your next move.One last thing you never answer my question if we get all certifications we can get Berseker rage and and the other for skill power? and if yes they stuck?
  3. and also did you read something on my text about 1 hit K.O? learn english before you come inside here cuz if you reread my text you would understand why i am so offensive right now .. Before speaking in here try use google translator its a friendly advice
  4. you seem to be new in here you cant even quote the text i made haha mate you aint gonna teach me how to play and how to pay ncosft for free... i dont like paying for boosts game is free to play so levels must get a little bit easier to catch.. and dont forget to 1 shot mobs in storm/pi or whatever 1 hour instance zone it is you have to be well geared but since they downgrade their paychecks its fine for me they lose more money now with 3 hours each instance zone
  5. @Juji @Hime So you wanna decrease your payment check with 6 hours instant zones right? (storm primeval) well okay be sure you gonna lose a lot of money from that and with prestige runes and drop rate runes cuz if we go only 3 hours PI/Storm we get absolutely nothing if you do this update you gonna lose a lot of money and players.. wanna know why? simple you increase level cap to 125? when the maximum we got is 116 (naia) so another fail update i see... if you remove hours from instant zones for xp how we gonna get 125? and you dident give us a straight answer if we are 107/107 and we got
  6. I did a report cuz i was getting pked for no reason and Juji support team answer was part of the game yeah right so how about remove this THREAT FROM FORUM once and for all ? https://forums.lineage2.com/topic/15394--report-harassment/ like i said to my email no war i was just in my spot if you cant work properly just give up your jobs you cant handle us pk is violation and not part of them the continius pk is violation i am waiting for actions i aint gonna answer to none take your actions just because he is top spender dosnt mean you dont have to take actions on him
  7. you should know wynns is not cheap class i am geared and i can deal more than a tyrr or archer deals
  8. yeah right come over in naia and test my wynn on 1v1 wynns are still in place
  9. We dont cry we demand changes if they want money from us
  10. Ahahaha another change here we get only 2 Dandy golden balls used to be 4 am i wrong?
  11. Welcome to my world i am waiting for an answer more than 27 hours now... They say they do as fast they can can you believe this
  12. True we ve been buying events that nowdays we got them free so you can call it as a scam we waste more than 3-4b per jewel to make them lvl 3 and now we get them free also dragon shirt was like 4k if i remember correct now its free they kill market with exalted armors and weapons which is nice supportive way for free players i wont disagree on that one...But what happens if top spenders got bored pvping each other one day and free players leave server for good and no people around?.. They gonna fight each other till they get tired/bored so keep the hard work ncsoft
  13. Also is a bit annoying watching all top spenders getting jewels in our screen we prefer keep it private we dont really care what they get
  14. Sadly yeah the rates sucks a lot friend of mine used 50 euro (4k nc) just for dragon shirt scrolls and bracelet nice gg ncsoft actually why did you put them on the list when we can farm them in primeval isle? they max cost 20-25m dragon shirt scrolls and bracelet max 2m
  15. i hope you aware they dont do these.. they just update and run server without care for nothing just $
  16. Never ask your opinion if you gonna put my ticket in the bottom... And its their work to do it right if you ever read their rules you would understand why i am complaining they max need 12-15 hours to answer not 27 like now....
  17. @Hime Why dont you close server once and for all...? since you guys cant keep it fixed from bugs and lags...Also dont forget your support team is slower than death itself i ve been waiting for 1 answer for almost 26 hours now cuz of @Juji fault late info about Gem Energy item..Come on we are your costumers dont ignore and answer our questions you really like losing money cuz of your stupidy?...Tell me 1 example of support teams who needs 26 hours to answer a simple question... Tell me other games are acting really quick than you guys.....
  18. @Hime Every update you make is a huge failure.Do your job right or dont even make updates leave the game as it be Thanks
  19. @Hime Yeah waiting 1 single answer about 25 hours and yes i think you guys trying to avoid our questions
  20. @HimeHow about to read support tickets first?
  21. Wow before you say that check again what you forgot we still got PKS numbers
  22. When you fix the game call me i wont play this crap any longer prices went to god ncoins are half price now queue still exist xp is nerfed way to much i think 2-3years ago was easier to get 105
  23. @Hime How about close server for ever.. at least you will release yourselfs from this poor maintenance
  24. @Juji did you even care to report to us that they gonna change mentor buffs? stop acting alone and bring them back you never said nothing about mentor buffs..If you forgoteing to report new things leave from gm place you almost now game worst than before
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