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  1. Loggin in down and not even 1 warning in live servers we cant log in cmon..
  2. When XIGNCODE first came i said evil always finds a way and yeah i have seen lot of bots running bloody swampland fairys and seal of shilen , But my question is its rlly gonna wait 6 hours or more cuz we already know whats happening in every maintenance right?
  3. Increase capacity or make more servers i dont care how you gonna do it like that you losing money and people from your game wake up you act like kids do something right every maintenance or update always fail or delayed...
  4. I see.... absolutely no difference stop leying to us you cant fix nothing
  5. Stop complaining for things that care only for your selfs, First we need more capacity in server,2 They need to decrease xp lost from deaths, Adena drop rate and items are ok i was never fan of spoil so i dont know
  6. i am looking for an active english clan but guess i cant log with issues in servers
  7. Drop rate of adenas and items are good fix servers first then we see what happen with drop rates i am like 3 days in giran server i have made like 110k adenas just quest quest quest if you cant do that you are useless
  8. Was third or two purchase of ncoins and still waiting them 1 month now paypal said we wait for ncsoft to accept them passed some days and i ask ncsoft what about my ncoins and they said paypal cancel it cmon be serious guys you cant keep servers on on classics you cant give nccoins you cant do nothing and tickets are always delayed 1-2 days
  9. Welll i bought ncoins (1600) at september 15 still waiting them paypal told me waiting for ncsoft to accept them and ncsoft said that paypal cancel it its just ncscum thing
  10. we send a ticket you answer after 15 hours++ is this a company? i am sure its like max 7 people who control lineage 2 support nothing more be more helpful with your people we came to play l2 and you destroying it you only know how to steal money from people and spend our time thats all i have to say rlly rlly rlly bad company
  11. They even open and third server for classic they only care for money nothing else
  12. You just open new server in classic and you cant fix our problem you only care for classic from where the money comes enjoyit while you can
  13. Why would you carefor us? now you get paid from classic servers and care more for classic server live servers are nothing for you now
  14. from 5,5 to 8,5 and will continue to more stop wasting our times and make your job right
  15. Always same story you never understand how much worth people's time
  16. next time put more info about greater vital stone cant stuck with freya frozen scrolls or marphs and fix this lag is killing me.....
  17. Xp runes running, time is running out, time is money do your job right...
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