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  1. naive boy all what they can do its event where you are xd
  2. as you have subscription you can log ticket that service which you paid is not delivered more ppl will log tickets more serious nc soft will react as its sale delivery issue and they cannot ignore it by law. reporting issue on the forum is not proper way report it.
  3. 1 .uk 2no 3 no 4 everywhere what about compensation which you promise will be given when exp event end? or not at all why other nc games do not have problems with small compensation i play B&S as well and they never postpone
  4. Game updated and no info about update note?
  5. everyone can go to Korean and check its not leak as you not so smart you creating conspiracy
  6. you know we are tired reading post like this bot exploit and etc. If you do not have skills to create macro for greedy box its your problem not gm. second all know this game is p2w and most us are perfect with this nc shop is open for all. if you cry its expansive get live better job or change game. play for fun
  7. another big important item which craft cost like hell and is used on gear r99 its call balance game
  8. haha look on eu Christmass event and here they give minimum what they can not sure why they left Christmass talisman will be word tragedy if someone will get it. donno why they are greed about to add to event items which are not in nc store, but now management call success as exp event and prestige sell up
  9. maybe they just lie and said that table is secret of companyxd 9or they hiding info as reductions exp 0.0001%)
  10. @Hime Guys maybe you will add to some event fishing coins or rod, its not big work for dev add it i hope. current price for rod 15/6 b are little crazy I mean not fishing event just coins as additional reward same to prestige pkg vitality rune for 30 days should be standard even if you increase price by 1$. its just ideas .
  11. i do not think they will answer that. simple example some one bought top broch 2y ago for 150 or 200s now need pay another 400+ to upgrade it to top when new top is not cost 400+ if its in shop i do not have problem spend some $ but sorry scam others, and for so many years they cannot ban adena selling chains no comment.
  12. they can do adena useless no tradable top items they can ban adena sellers/suplayers with invest 100 dollars they can burn all all off them just buying under control 100m adena from each supplier and ask for more but they didn't do that why?
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