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  1. and you one of those adena sellers m...ok ? for which more items mean less money? now greedy chest could be best solution for new ppl
  2. och you could apply all bots are yours (ironic) you know how mechanics work, but i sure you do not know how customer service work
  3. hi guys maybe for you is time to grow up and time to use name in customer service like normal company
  4. you have silly wishes 1st you do not understood how economy work and for what are taxes in game second pk its okay there is no spots for farm only pk is solution for it ,or regular dc from the server afk farmers. your list of wishes is so long you forgot add to it make you lvl 150 and god in the both servers only 20% your wishes have any sens
  5. I seen there few hundred ppl do not make drama, and i took 2 times in 1h some of them were 30 min . and i do not think it can by easy put in players wh.
  6. it could work like aden boxes but they make it for bot farmers
  7. no idea what to do with 30 day rb pkg will stay in warehouse useless but thx for good intention
  8. Guys maybe ask Korean dev how they setup function servers unless is different company under franchise they could help.
  9. Guys please post its fixed at least we will get compensation later we can complain that is not
  10. no is not unless you plan spend 10k $ in nckoin shop or 8k for Adena sellers(and its not for top end items), but if you enjoying died in one shot for 2milons dmg or do dailies in 2.5h when other do in 30minutes yes you can play and enjoy. check YT for "Why I quit playing Lineage 2 Official Servers"
  11. haha are you believe that they will fix it? on own server they were unable to fix it now on rented one are you think they will fix its why he wroth compensation after issue fixed.
  12. Mean compensation will be or not to be xd and if will be it will be after bust week- thank you and thank you for gm buffs on the middle night fair for all. Any update of losing SLA for subscription no no worries cancelled it.
  13. haha hope is for idiots secondary lot ppl paid for for subscription and they get nothing at all from my side i will log ticket for do credit as they didn't provide service and they do not compensate it simple like this and compensation after exp event gone is worth nothing( please not that they are unable tell us when they will fix or if they will fix ir if they will do any compensation at all as maybe gm buff in they opinion its that compensation xd) lack clarity's worst enemy customer service.
  14. are you asking for nerf it because you adena seller and now is so cheap haha and you have huge stock and price will go up if will be nerfed ?
  15. muxaxa game should be from 18+as its gambling kind game but usppl do not care to report it to the feds and low your country mean nothing in usa,
  16. look like l2j but if is from here most silly thing was publish here yours" haking " skills you could do 100k s in one month easy who care about ban xd after
  17. its why this game should be registered as gambling game and should have gaming age restrictions PEGI 18 as it creating addiction. anyway its strange nobody in usa ppl report it.
  18. they answer to you that you cannot what you do not understood after you start be rude they ban you as should be
  19. Just buy new one stop cry like baby you received email with last restoration that item will be not restored in future. Yes all can do mistake and instead kain/ royal can use giant scrolls utill you could successfully made +20 and and when fail you can blame policy unclear. You received email personal one that item not will be item restored in future. You are really lucky that gm are polite with you -professional customer care if someone is offensive like you usually closing acc
  20. 90 days policy was made for goods which you buy from other ppl- its just my opinion and idiot which do big drama about nothing is fanny or sad as he do not have real live. In my opinion bigger problem is nccoin shop gambling not the good will ncsoft with restoration ticket especial that they provide you information that item not will be eligible to restore in future for you, it fair and clear.
  21. haha go go to fbi go to gambling office as this game is gambling type and should be from 18+ i see all gm laughing on the floor. he got right answer that item is not eligible to restore. they inform him on the previous ticket that item not will be eligible to restore now he do drama like dram queen and try abuse system to have +20 weapon. and please note that all decision is made on nc discretion its say policy and actually override all points of policy.
  22. i never had problem with support xd, mean i do not agree with all answers and hiding customer support agent under some unknown nick not real name which is not professional in my opinion, but they not bad at all.
  23. if in Korea coming soon mean ncwest will have it in best scenario in 8 months after its live in Korea xd
  24. guys low level are essential and support them is essential as they spending $, top players are useless unless they buy nc coin. only way to balance game is do it more easy for low level and more hard for high level faster ncsoft will do that bigger money they will get. then herb should be dropped until lvl 115 max.
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