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  1. i was fishing and got dc to all 3 acounts random or auto kick dead has somthing to do with it ?
  2. Good morning ( gmt +3 ) here thank you juji for your repply .... so im just in bad luck mode
  3. Heloo . After 18 hours of farming zero boxes droped in taynor canyon with plunder skill and mass plunder skill used ... in the next 3 hours 2 boxes droped after plunder skill removed from macro command.. i belive that it is a bug and not that the drop rate is 2 box per 24 hours
  4. juji check please if it bugs the drop rate when you use plunder skill or mass plunder (spoil) because i farm 16 hours and not even 1 16nth chest
  5. my question is simple : Can you commune with more than 1 momu at the same time for example can you have the vp triger from juju and patt from tanga ? or you can have either vp or pattc ?
  6. top grade juju dont give vitality when killing mobs bug ?
  7. Hi Hime i have a question for you since juji said it will bring it to the dev to see if it is a bug like adena or it was intentioned change the question goes for crystal prisson aka in game balok so will the number of participants will be reduced to 7 people minimum like before the update 4/22 or it will stay 14 members minimum ? the reason i ask that it is too dificult to take a skil that needs 4 rune stones if it is 1 every 14 people that for sure it will going to be sell and share for adena and even with dice reroll parties where you get by luck the full drop the
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