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  1. Respawn in Wall of Argos region is unreachable sometimes and it's cumulative until there are no more mobs to hit. They are respawning over the mountains. Even in illegal servers, this not happens. Please NCSoft, try to fix this. Thank you for your time.
  2. Hunting Zones and Raid Bosses - Few hunting zones on such a large map. - TOI updated to a difficulty so hard that only groups with endgame equipment can hunt. - Hunting zones with small or nonexistent Adena drop. The amount of adena a character can make is not enough even to buy a C-Grade set after LvL 60 or buy SS/BSS. - Raid Bosses monopolized by few players, who are very well equipped, killing the Raid in a few seconds. Augment System - Nothing to say. Item Changes - Nothing to say. Skill Changes - Evasion don't exist, except for NPCs. - Party Buff
  3. Hi @Juji and @Hime. Evasion seens the worst problem to the players who need that to farm. O lot of players are using heavy sets in classes that suposed to wear light sets. Surprisingly, the benefits to use a heavy set is better then passive skills for light sets (if evasion doesnt work, something need to compensate, in this case, P.Def.). If you use the system damage log, you will see no evasion register, like we have when shield defend works. So please, take a look on that. We need more evasion to continue playing with this classes.
  4. Everything that Casemonstro said is right. And i have to complain about TOI. Really NCSOFT? What yours expectations about TOI? One of the most challenger places in Aden Realm to go farm with a active PT and you just boosted that monsters to impossible fight for normal players? Sorry to say that, but NCSOFT, you stoled from us that place. Bring the "Classic" server again, because you distorted along the way.
  5. We are trying to do some pvp on coliseum just for fun and trainning, but i think we all need a NPC to do this MP-HP-CP restoration. Even under payment circumstances.
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