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  1. Juju does NOT work at all on healer !! Really ?? The one class that cannot solo, you want me to melee and nuke mobs? Believe me I tried, it never worked... healer is completely dependent on others for leveling in the first place, but can get no xp boost from this homu in normal parties ? It's already annoying and depressing that DD can just box iss oop or run pots and solo xp np, healer cannot do that, we must always have another in party, and now we can get no use from Juju xp boost? Fix it or delete it.
  2. oh and by the way, no character creation right now, yet is now implemented in game new mentee system and everyone now has to level up 12 alts to level 105 to get atlas earring LOL ironic
  3. /supersadface I hope all the appearance items are reintroduced to the game again, would be terrible to never have them again. removal of content is just punishment of the players, and makes the game less enjoyable to play.
  4. agree with all this, gameplay is now basically garbage generally. not really worth it to play anymore. I used to have fun crafting... no more fun allowed in game. only 1 thing to add if you press on: make alts and do Balok for drops: rune stones and blessed weapon/armor scrolls for adenas. can make a 99 lvl char overnight it's enough for Balok, then just do as many as you can stand.
  5. yes but they also removed these other items from the STORE at update with NO notice, which is really BAD. I literally went to go buy them at last update knowing this change was coming and couldn't. No warning given. also I tried to put formal wear appearance on some armors recently and now cannot... really NC you are sucking any and all JOY out of playing this game, wtf seriously so freaking depressing. if everything else sucks I at least want to like how may char looks, now cannot even do that
  6. check your passive skills to decide what you want most, mastery in light armor gives 10% attack speed plus accuracy evasion and speed. If you don't really need the defense of heavy, light armor can be better to increase damage output.
  7. Victories of Paagrio can crit on the Iss, leaving rest of party at disadvantage until reuse. Need the ability of this skill to crit to be removed on iss class.
  8. Wulf


    until you get very good gear, you will want health/health acumen weapon, max health max defense, it's ok to wear light armor for pve. it's important to not get 1 shot in instances, if you do, must change gear/AP to get health and defense up. field pve should be easy, if it's not that's a dd/tank problem. you don't need max cast speed to heal well, primary heals are first balance and 2nd chain, both of which cast very fast. single target and party heal is slow and inefficient generally. 1 recommendation is to buy Lilith talisman, they are cheap right now and give good mp regen, 2
  9. Tyrr is useless right now, maybe boosted at next update at undetermined time... but now you can make a lvl 99 toon in a day with auto hunting so, make several alts and test out what you like. But there's definitely no guarantee Doombringer will ever be good again, or when. Unfortunately archer/nuker are best DD by far, game is unbalanced this way ongoing. Besides healer and iss, other support is Tank, tanks are useful and will get parties now thankfully. Some tanks are more offensive and some purely defensive, pay special attention to stats of the lvl 101 toggle they get to tell them
  10. L2 will test your perseverance severely... always has always will. I've been close to quitting several times. Well known as hardcore grind game. Just remember we used to do all this by hand, targeting every single mob... to me macro xp is still "amazing magic free" xp, even with disconnects xp is still light years faster and easier than it used to be. Keep setting up or quit game if it bothers you too much. PS be sure to do your Castilla solo instance every day, it's a lot of xp and good reward for 15 minutes or less, that is the best fasted use of your time in game for xp.
  11. wake me up when provoke range stop being nerfed. Actually got to use my DN for a little while, now it's retired again /yawn
  12. new crafting system is garbage... at least before all of the mats had some real adena value, at least to even sell to store and sell on ah. was possible for average person to craft R99 armors reasonably quickly. now so much ether is required it's impossible for average player to collect enough to craft anything at all in a reasonable amount of time, and other mats are so low value they are worthless. used to be if you put in some time to try craft you could make enough things to sell and make profit ok. People even used to go through IT pit to collect the mats dropped there which were dece
  13. We lose xp since game started 15 years ago... but should be allowed to delevel again yes
  14. That and Emerald weapon stone were removed last update, I don't recall patch notes saying these would be removed from the store, and knowing that all weapon app things get removed 2/29, I was looking for these myself as I would have bought both, maybe several of both... Extremely frustrating because there are some apps I want to put on some things. NC, bring these back to store until 2/29, people will buy them, I really don't think you gave us warning about this change to the store ahead of time. With all the other negative issues going on, let people have some appearances to make
  15. 300+ in queue, well over 1 HOUR to log in and then better PRAY to not miss it when it finally get in, or mysterious dc when click ok ... Completely Unacceptable !!! "Solution" is MUCH worse than problem ... you WANT people to quit or what ??? (not to mention new player cannot even start this week because no char creation, but why would they with this going on) restart server and remove Queue, this now go on 1-2 days, should have removed it the first day it took an hour to log in ! Complete fail of customer service, unfortunately as usual for NC... REMOVE QUEU
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