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    Funny thing was, after I complained I was able to log in again, first through other char, then main char, but dc'd after 10-15mins of gameplay

    How sweet is this shit... I can log in on my buffer account, but no way they let me log in my main account, is it because that account has paid you with real life money to get some ncoins??? Please take them away and let me play!!! This already means 1 day of attendance ruined, give us 1 week attendance extra at least, since you won't solve this issue over the weekend...
  3. Full server

    Yup and with frequent dc's it means I'm spending more time in queue than in game... But thank you for suggesting the Gludio Classic server to me...
  4. Thank you NC for this fix, I sincerely hope it will stand when more macro/afk players will log in. But, as for now, this is how it should be!
  5. since this is the topic 'bout the event, just tried 70 firecrackers, got 900 coins from it. Had some let and exchanged them for 10 pitapat boxes. out of those then, I got: - 1 giant's scroll EWR - 1 GE - 4 Gem R - 8 orc's vit tonic's -and the mini cakes Not too bad for free event
  6. Novice Summon Blood Panther

    I made a dualclass Hell Knight, but when I try to learn the skill "Novice Summon Blood Panther" at lvl 80, I disconnect from server everytime.
  7. Quest: Way of Wandering Knight bugged

    What's even more weird is that on my freshly created Sigel Shillien Templar, it doesn't give the error, but on a Feoh Storm Screamer it does....
  8. Can't do quest. Think it's bug

    I have the same issue on Naia
  9. I recently made a new char lvl 85 and went to herphah in Aden to continue my journey. He asks me to go to the "adventure guide" and go on with my quests, but when I click "quest" at the adventure guide, he tells me I need to be lvl 85-99 to continue this, I am 86 atm, could anyone (dev) tell me what is wrong? btw, main class, not sub (if it would be of any importance)
  10. Lag and frequent DCing

    Same here, I have had some lag/DC issues in the past, but last couple of months everything was running smoothly. But then yesterday the game became unplayable, logging in (if I got past the terms screen) and being unable to move, target, talk or with huge delays and get a DC after 5-10 mins, can't even claim my attendance items this way.