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  1. Options you may try... "Mandatory to unequip your items and be in your inventory before doing anything" 1.- If you want to upgrade from Dark R99 to Enchanted Dark R99 -Talk to any blacksmith and check menu ---> "I want to bestow an item enchant option above R-Grade" --> "Endow R99-Grade armor with a set effect" 2.- To upgrade from R99 to R110 -Your items must be at least +6 AND BLESSED (using the scroll of blessing R99 armor and weapon made by Maestros) -Talk to any HEAD blacksmith and check menu ---> "Upgrade equipment" ---> "Upgrade equipment
  2. Check what kind of shots you are using... normal shots have 1 weight, mysterious shots have 0 weight So if you are using 100.000 normal shots then you are carrying 100k weight
  3. The right weapon attribute depends of the mobs/raids you kill the most... If the mobs you usually kill have EARTH attribute attack, then yours must be the opposite WIND If you kill FIRE then your weapon must be WATER And as many instance mobs/raids are DARK the commonly selected attribute on weapons is HOLY In my opinion the only toons that should select an attribute based on the class are FEOHS as they have specific element skills/stances Storm Screamers have WIND/DARK skills so they should use WIND/DARK weapons Mystic Muses have WATER/HOLY skills so they
  4. Blazing Swamp is for ranged toons... War-Torn Plains is for melee toons...
  5. Not a clue what you are trying to say...
  6. - If someone in your party is too low lvl or too high lvl you won't regenerate mana - If it takes more than 10 hits to kill a mob then you are at the wrong zone and you will be out of mana quickly (War-Torn plains is mele area, Blazing Swamp is ranged area)
  7. -Quests given by Herpa orc NPC in Aden lvl 99 and kill mobs in War-Torn plains or Blazing Swamp to reach lvl 100 -Starting Exalted quests with Lionel NPC at Heine lvl 100 -Castilla Solo instance in Aden lvl 100
  8. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IZO2sijD2hk
  9. Let me guess, you are Mage and now you have a magnificent shiny red top homunculus... for warrior Or, are you a warrior who now have the assistance of a wonderful red ilumanted top homunculus... for mage?
  10. As we thought, you do not have an available slot at the moment To unlock the first locked slot you need 90kkk adena and 84 Gemstone R To unlock the last 3 slots you need 2.700.000.000 adena and 250 Gemstone R
  11. 1. Brilliant option does not use any of the 4 bars, you can summon new homunculus even with empty bars using this option 2. ...BUT the "Come to me" button is faded... Are you sure you have an empty slot to born a new homunculus?, maybe the only available slot you have is currently being used with the "Cradle of Time" option, that leaves you with no available slots for "Cradle of Life". 3. ...So the question is... Is it random when and if it triggers? Yes, brilliant option gives you a random High-grade or Top-grade homunculus. If you are getting a common homunc
  12. https://l2wiki.com/Main_Page
  13. Please... again... ask someone who can assist you on posting or use you main language, your post is just a mess of characters
  14. Something similar is happening with EXP
  15. You can also try to login using a different browser, sometimes cache and cookies become screwed
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