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  1. María Christina para ustedes también
  2. To me it just looks like you are doing too much AFK playing, so your toon seems to be sleeping, its eyes are just closed can't you see? Try giving your toon some time to rest, to take a shower and its face will look shiny again
  3. It is not interesting to see the loot boxes still gives the same low items and DON'T give the real good ones. 80% of the items listed are never given, not in this event, not in the previous ones, not in the future ones, they are shown as a "P O S S I B I L I T Y" just to bring hype. I rather believe more when Peter comes running and yelling "IT'S THE WOLF!! IT'S THE WOLF!!" than waiting to receive a good item from a L2 loot box
  4. Beleth It was a hell of nightmare moving several parties just to reach the place where Beleth is
  5. Ancient City Arcan --> Arms of Timiniel Just after teleport, sit near the big light balls on the center Tree and you will be replenished 100% MP, no need to AOE as the balls are friendly
  6. That depends on the Aeore you are using, as every one has a different more powerful skill specific to each class Aeore Eva Saint: Superior Quick Recovery = M. Skill Cooldown -5%. Tree of Sephiroth = Summons an Enchanted Tree of Life that cannot be targeted. The summoned tree heals nearby party members for 30 sec. and casts a debuff canceling blessing. Consumes 5 Spirit Ore. Mass Mana Gain = For 30 min., party members' MP heal amount +33 Limited Melee Weapon Resistance = For 30 min., the targeted party member's Melee Weapon Resistance +5%. Consumes 10 Spir
  7. I just did the process for 12 accounts, and got the issue you described just once in one of them, I simply started the registration again and no errors appeared again. Probably the registartion server was just sneezing
  8. Here is a detailed guide on how to get and activate the Lineage 2M Beta Key Take in mind that in order to receive the Vitality maintaining rune 7-Days you will be "EMAILED THE INSTRUCTIONS AT A LATER TIME", probably after the Beta test starts This is for the countries listed on the promotion, if your country is not on the list you can try using a VPN Let's start... ********************************** 1.- Go to the Lineage 2 website and login with the email you use on your Lineage 2 account 2.- Check on the upper right corner yo
  9. Cannot start Lineage 2 on Windows 11, just got a black screen. Anybody else having this issue? Possibly the issue is... Operating System Windows 7 32bit / Windows 8 32bit / Windows 10 32bit Note: 64bit clients not officially supported and may experience issues running. Windows 11 has no 32bit version Does not work compatibility mode either
  10. Well, it seems WHEN Ertheia appeared they were given GOD's skill, and now they reassigned such skill to a GOD's jewel... Works as intended
  11. Which LVL are you and where are you leveling? Maybe the mobs are low lvl for you and that is the reason no drop at all
  12. When the macro starts again, first line set the target to same target as before, hence your toon will start running to %party1 and follow If you want your toon to stay stand add the following line to the end /target %self
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