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  1. Sometimes I solve this issue doing as follow: 1.- Press ESC key to stop any macro 2.- Click the autohunt icon once or twice to toggle OFF the autohunt (dark icon color) 3.- Click on yourself or a party member to change your current target 4.- Start your macro 5.- Click autohunt icon once to toggle ON (green icon color) Usually this works for me
  2. Can someone tell if upgrading the belt using Authority Ornament is 100% success? or you can end with same belt loosing the billions invested in the ornament?
  3. Rainbow Spring Chateau is a special Clan Hall In order for a clan to gain such clan hall you have to participate in a fighting game against other clans, and you use the item you mention to get an entrance to the competition. You can check the whole process here ---> Rainbow Spring Chateau
  4. In order to change the Bloody/Dark option on R99 armor or weapon you have to remove it using the Blacksmith of Mammon at Giran, and then you can apply the opposite option. No direct Bloody to Dark, or Dark to Bloody option is available yet for R99
  5. Already answered to you in other post https://forums.lineage2.com/topic/22982-r99-to-r110/?tab=comments#comment-157817 And no, it 's not 23B, it is 60B to upgrade your weapon
  6. I guess you should do the maths again, as the cost to upgrade a weapon from R99 to R100 are not 23B but almost 60B 1 Gemstone R = 1.4M 1 Elcyum = 370M To upgrade from R99 to R110 you will need... (this is for a +15 R99) 1712 Gemstone R = 2.396.800.000 130 Elcyum = Adena Fee = Total Adena needed to upgrade... 59.756.800.000 The big issue when gear R110 appeared is that the higher the R99 is enchanted then the higher is the cost to upgrade Is it really worth to upgrade your weapon or is it better to start with a clean R110
  7. Not a bug and work as intended Every element stance gives certain skill enhancement to your basic attack (water freeze, holy stun, etc). If you just login and forget to activate one of the elemental stances you are basically loosing half the attack potential of your skills, so no real reason to de-activate them.
  8. If you are playing Aden servers (Blackbird, Elcadia) you can't buff another character. Every toon has its own buffs, it is not a party game it is a solo one
  9. ALT+F1 - F12 to access the skill bars from 1 to 12
  10. Just to clarify the bug to know what is being talked about... 1.- Some people go to lvl to Field of Silence or Field of Whisper on Heine area 2.- You enter Field of Crisis (instance zone) located on an alternate dimension on the Heine area mentioned before 3.- You and the people lvling are located on the same Heine map area, but on different dimensions so neither of you are supposed to see each other, but for some reason you do see each other Dimensional unkown portals? error on the Matrix? or just some dev programmer put a "1" where it was supposed to be a "0"
  11. May be a really basic macro to let your toons following you so you can move freely is just adding this command line twice /target yourname /target yourname You can add, skills to heal or recover MP or anything, before or after those 2 lines, just be sure to not insert anything between this 2 lines command
  12. No macros at all, just put all the buffs on the shortcuts bar, right click to let them be autocasted. As for Battle Rhapsody just do the same as when one BR is casted, the other ISS detects the buff and it will be casted after the first one expires, so you won't have one BR erasing the first one, just call it MAAAAAGIC !!!!
  13. Please give more details... Which weapon are you trying to augment? Which stone are you using?
  14. Equadym

    Heal Macro

    end your macro with these 3 lines... /target [yourname] /target [yourname] /delay 20
  15. Try to create 2 ISS, not just one... Using 2 ISS with proper macros will give you twice the time for Battle Rhapsody Also take in mind that each ISS has a unique buff that stacks with the one of other ISS (except the Hierophant), this means (in a very 5 years old kid explantion), that specific buff from ISS 1 gives you 30% more power and it stacks with specific buff from ISS 2 that gives you 30% additional power for a fantastic 60% final additional power (again, except Hierophant as profecy does not stack but replaces the other specific ISS buff). This is extremely useful for doing C
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