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  1. even if most to every one don't buy, there is always 1 privileged person with alot of money that only cares about his/her ability to over power people and that one person would spend alot of money to make NCsoft continue to overcharge for "a chance" of a chance, of a chance for an item.
  2. sound like a bunch of small clans with some what same direction, to PVE. why not fight a "PVP" clan like MS/BOB like you were doing before the greed kicked in? Maybe you can stop complaining then. If you are annihiliating these small clans all the time, maybe you need to fight something bigger. Or you just like fighting small clans? you must of been bullied when you was younger so now you want to bully people in the matrix.
  3. maybe disable your "tooltip" so when you select skills they don't cover the entire screen. Was fun by the way.
  4. @Hime it's unfortunate that you reset PKs allow those who have abused the system go scotch free. Also your team have also basically scammed the user's who spent 500,000 rep and adena who cleaned PK's before you ninja replace clan pk scrolls with mid-tier PK scrolls for 50,000 rep and Aden. Even worst, after your declaring this update without stating you was resetting PK, you scammed the people who cleaned their pk's uncertain at what you was going to do. What you did do was award those who took the couple days leading into the change of system to go on PK spree. Thanks for the new s
  5. and how about areas that you can just run too, but have to follow a specific path? there are mountain location which an odd path must be used to gain access. If i am there and other cannot figure out the path why would that be banable? If a person can glitch the dim server so they can access an instance for an additional 6 hours, and in consequence disrupt the access to such instances for two weeks time for all lineage2 customers, but yet not be banned, how is being in the prementioned locations bannable?
  6. dmangus

    MP Recovery pots

    Consider this a nerf on mages. They nerfed MP regen in all areas when killing mobs and removed MP pots. Yet we still get MP drained in 1 shot from archers etc. Now we can't even regen MP or pop a pot that gives a decent amount. You can have 150hp and not use mana armor, but thats still a one shot. None the less high grade elixirs are still around, and so far you can only get them at Gainak. Enjoy.
  7. Even with the lag I was able to do event twice a day every day, it's not designed for people to be able to make it to +10, focused on one bracelet. At least extend it so it's mathematically possible to achieve.
  8. So, at 5:05 and on I can clearly see you cycle through a whole lot while your mouse stays in the middle of the screen. Let me guess You have a tone of /target [Any name] on your bars. Where do you make space for your skills? Hmmmm interesting in deed.
  9. The biggest problem with this so called game is, it forces people to gamble real money, even if your 10 years old you now have to gamble your family money away to get anywhere. Its pay to win and win if you have luck on your side. If now forget about it. Some time I am just ready to call it quits, after 15years of wasting life and money you just keep going like a sad zombie. Some big wig needs to sue to crap out of ncsoft.
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