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  1. i just hope i just hope they do the right thing and give me my accounts back .. i play this game strictly according to the rules . would be sad if this sticks and innocent players get banned due to what an observer thinks is going on .
  2. I have been playing this game since it almost started and never once cheated or botted in any way .... L2 introduces macros and macros that lets you assist another characters and we are allowed to have 3 accounts active . all of a sudden after a year or 2 , doing same thing everyday in game, 2 of my accounts get blocked , not telling me exactly why ...i put in an appeal and they dont look into it .. they say it is final. @Juji ..the account that they blocked has all my high end stuff and Madstorm is just my alt and crafter ,,,i have billions of adena worth of stuff on him and in his warehouse
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