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  1. UNFAIR banning to users

    hello i am miemie from toa hi nc soft i hope really do that u read this topic ;;;; AND PLEASE ASK THE TEAM TO RELOOK THIS TOPIC SERVER NAIA NAME=Miesiac recently a clanmember got banned for a reason she does not understand nor we do understand ….her name is Miesiac from Naia server . we ( i) have al good experience with here in game during clan party and daily chat . al i can say she is a FANTASIC PLAYER ; and we are very sad that this happens to here . i really do that NC SOFT reopen this tikets and relook …. pls we al do love this game alot - nostalgia of this game makes alot people come back - so please do not ban a player who loves this game so much and did nothing wrong there must be a MISTAKE . everyone can make mistake even people who are working daily in nc soft can make a mist Judge ….. very sorry poor english me...... please nc soft relook this topic ….
  2. hi does anyone have noticed that the targetnext button doesnt work ???
  3. for al the FEO 's out there pls give a tip for pve hair acces. 10% m.attak or replica tiara +30 attak attr. ?????? :))
  4. hi everyone , pls advice on help for feo sts aoe skills and single skill to encht- is mainly for pve (since my stats m.critical with gears Jewels and dyes is at 454) -aoe skills updraft destruction and elemental storm - elemental burts== skill power or skil criticale rate ??? and why -single ksill elemental spike and elemental crash === skill power or skil critcal rate ?? and why thks for al feo's (sts) out there to help me with this advice -------BTW WHY DO THE WYNSS HIT SO HARD TO MOBS ?? al the wyns that i across from lvl 85 to lvl 99 they hit so hard to mobs that they die in just couple hit , while i need like 20 hits (and there lvl isnt that high compred to mobs) (how?) because they have ubber gears Jewels etc... ??( sorry for this noob questions)
  5. testing

    test test