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  1. Old Forums Being Removed

    +1 Removing old forum(witch ws much better than this) is a sad or more than sad. Whole history will be earesed. but, in NCWest eyes it has a good point... People will not see a better comunitation between players and staff All good CM and GM will go away(like Juji,Buster, etc) now we have(mosty we don have any) CM who just post info about Maintenace. Bug, expoits, bots are welcome here. If u report any, u will get all time the same reply... and fix will be implement(if they will) in next big update. Store isnt balanced. Now Lineage 2 is most Pay to Win game.
  2. Hotfix Maintenance: Monday, August 20, 2018

    Guys, u do not see pros! Now noone can scam you !
  3. Usage of "shared" skills with other players

    Well, all feohs can use Elemental Burst when Destruction debuff is up(even u do not need to be in pt) Why? All type of Destructions put the same debuff type on target So Destruction from StS and from MM is the same skill It is like Death Breath(feohs skill) and Blood Stab(othels skills) both of them have bleed efect. So only one of them can applied. U have many others situations like this evi skill and bulleye etc. etc Hide is another story it is selfbuff not a skill which can be used on opponent/target Only Wynn's marks can be stack on target( but the need to be from other toons) So boss can have 5x Mark of Trick/Weakness/.../.../.. in rest(im sure with 95%) skills only one debuff can be applied
  4. All chat goes to general chat

    I have the same situations on Dimensional Server. I'm able to post one massage on clan chat, and after i can type only on general chat. at the moment when im on normal server this problem doesnt appear
  5. New Forum: Future Updates Discussion

    Well, they will not answer to you(us) NCWest staff even do not check weekly mainatenace update. We got many hiden updates, w/o any infos. It looks like on NCWest's Lineage II departament works maybe one person. Now, we have the worst CM in MMO history. IT is shame, that whole NCWest staff dont care, about their customers. Silence from their site instead cold down players emotions, make them higher A lot of players is seraching new MMO or another L2 providers. This game is almost death right now. People are bored and angry,(even people with really good gear) It is big big shame. IF NCWest will not change their politics Lineage 2 will be shout down in 2 years. and the best solution to not see bad feedback is delete post and ban a writer
  6. New Forum: Future Updates Discussion

    If i good understand, this forum is place, where PLAYERS can post topic about new update. GM like always will appear, when we will have next big drama on forum. So this is place where ppl like @Yidao should pot post about new update. NCWest teached by prevoius update will not put anything until they have final patch notes from korea. Korea is busy now, coz in 3 days they introduce new big update with Fafurion. So probably NCWest still didnt get files from korea. Silence from our support confirming all opinion about staff and "future" update
  7. Drop Rate NERFED AGAIN!

    Well, Probably it has the same rule like in event drop rate. Chance of drop is based on whole server item amount. Look, at AH/Town Markets. (as well a lot of ppl has boxes with full wh with gear) We have more items, than players. so drop rate is reduced to not make inflation with items. This maybe isn't bad solution.... but L2 Store promotions produce soo much items, so items balance is broken. A lot of people who invest in L2 Store promo thousends "crap" items, so now even this "crap" don't drop, bacause from mathematical system server has enough those items to fulfil playerbase needs. Sad is, that items in spenders WH's decreasing item drop on fields PS. It is only theory,
  8. Server Maintenance: Wednesday, July 18, 2018

    WoW @HimeYou made more post in one day, than rest NCStaff in last weeks ! Impresiv! How long we will stay with us ? Just for few days until @Conguero is back ? It is nice to see, when someone from support reply in our topic.. It is so rare ! Probably old shemas will back soon ! So enjoy ppl until @Hime will left! Yeah @Draecke has right ! I give up to exchange items into runes when @Conguero announcement, that they will be deleted ... Technicly it is not fair ! i lost more a lot of rune packs !
  9. Items removed on the next update

    Well, u can add Avenger's Will toogle to the list i waited 3 months to get information, that, patch notes was bad translated. From Neutron post, we can deduce, that they still didnt get any files from Korea. So, like I said new update will be in September/October Coz, NCWest first of all need to get those files>translate them>Test? them>etc.etc. Neutron can u explain us: Why you are geting(as NCWest) those files so late ? Why you can send somone from your staff to speak with us on this forum ? Why we are soo abadoned here? and only Yidao infrom your player's base, what we can expect in next updates? Why we need to search infromation on another Lineage providers, not on our ? and why we should still play here if we do not deserve to your staff attention? I know, that it is less than 1% to get reply trom you, but it shows your's approach to the customers.
  10. Items removed on the next update

    I think, that NCWest should start to pay you. Why ? Your's knowlage about game, and as well your ability to search information on other Lineage 2 provider's webs made yourself more competent than whole NCWest staff including Neutron. But, in NCWest staff you are so "uncomfortable" person, who trying to keep player's eyes open. Instead to make "open politics" NCWest has "close door" one. They even do not bother to reply to player's base asks. in their oponion good customer: Do not ask and pay more, In those times this approach to the consumers cause, that many people left and many will leave. in first years of Lineage 2, we had not so many MMORPG games. Now, we " thousands" MMORPG. So competition is big. Look, at TOP MMORPGs Games, and teach how u should proceed with players to make them happy. PS. I know, that is is big probabylity, that this post will be deleted.....
  11. Items removed on the next update

    Well, I almost sure, that they do not know anything about next update. It is high probability , that they do not even got files to translate. It is just sad, that "our staff"(it is hard to call them staff, coz they are only put maintenace information) Do you not learned yet, that they even do not read this forum ? So how they can reply to our posts ? With their "care" about Lineage 2, we can expect new update in September/October. Their explenation? "We need to test new game build, and if we find any bug, we need to wait 4 weeks to fix files" Look, in current update we have few bugs, which are waiting for fix. They promiced, that they will test new mainenace files and inform us, when sth will change. And ? RB respawn was changed w/o any note. This game with current staff do not now have "shine" future, It is sad, but true Belive in NCWest staff is like belive, that sand castles will survire a storm
  12. Lineage II - Security Update Applications to test

    Well, first of all it should work with L2.bin and NCSoft Laucher. Rest: -all OS (Win,Linux,Mac,etc) -all Web Browser -all antiviruses -all programs from PC/Laptop devices(Grafic,Sound Card, etc) including Keyboards/Mouse programs -other games(ncluding MMORPG from other providers than NCWest) -"Work or hobbies" program ( Photoshop, AutoCad, SolidWorks, MatLab etc.) - programs which help with connection(WTFast, BattlePing, Cfosspeed, etc.) -programs used to communication with other ppl (Teamspeak, Ventrilo, Discord, Skype, etc. -programs which allow to share us PC(like Teamviever) - "music and movie" programs(Winamp, Windows Media Players, Allplayer, etc.)
  13. Community Issues

    I have a questions to our community staff. Why another provider(this one from Europe) can share some information with their playerbase (not only about next update) and our staff mosty put "dry" informaton about weekly maintenance ? Why u are just "watching" instead speak with us(in many topics)? Why Support team(from tickets) can help with account/payment problems, but when u ask about game problems you do not want share or info from them are outdated? As well i think, that this topic can change into playerbase question.. So.. Write Your questionsB|(but please serious ones) PS. i know, that probability of response from our staff is around 1%, or even less, but maybe miracle will happen
  14. Red Libra VII is Coming June 20!

    After huge's pack of Store Promos (Cloacks,Circle,Broch,Fish,Freya bags) People, whos do not spend real money or can not(do not want) invest a lot of money, lose their position and became meat to easy to kill. So, what a point to keep playing, when You can not follow rest players. In 2017 when You had PvP set, PvP Weapon and 3 lvl Jewelery u can fight even with better gear players, Now .... I like this game and i play here around 6 years, but now My online time drop, I canceled my Prestige Pack subscription. The most sad it, that NCWest will not do sth to keep player's population. So, they decice to put Store promos after store promo, to earn money as much they can. Now we have Dragon Weapons, after update we will have claws. They gave us XP event to prepare us to next update with content 105+ just only for 4 weekends. If they will not introduce new update after, that 4 weeks it will be next bad for PR decision
  15. Lineage II - May Preview

    Well, good fix!! Hero Coin System was too rewarding !! /sarcasm off After 16/05 Ncoins>>Hero Coin What u will put insted of this ? Hats or srolls to modify armors?
  16. 14th Anniversary Preview

    Ad1. Look here is a passive skills on rest teritories(we had, the same in our patch notes) Grand Thorn of Vengeance -Increases P. Atk. by 3%/6%/8%/10% and Reflect Damage/Reflect Magic by 5%/9%/12%/15%. Activates the Avenging Will with a chance of 30% on you when you attack and activates the Spirit of Revenge on your party members with a certain chance when you are hit. Spirit of Revenge (trigger) - Removes debuffs and increases for 5 sec P. Atk./M. Atk. by 2%/3%4%/6% and Damage Reflection by 5%. and here this skill works only on tank,(party members do not received this tigger/buff) It doesnt have any sense, because rest tank's tiggers works properly and tigger apply on party members Phoenix Spirit Eva’s Presence Shilen’s Presence through 3 months i was getting info, that Support team works on it and on my last ticket i got info, that this skill works as intended, and Passive skills was bad translated, and this tigger should work only on tank. For me it sound, stop asking we do not know how to fix.
  17. 14th Anniversary Preview

    Ok, I have a hope, that I(We) will get reply from You Neutron ( but chances are very low) 1st Why only our version have "boost" for Siegel Hell Knight and Spirit of Revange works only on Tank? ( i made few tickets abou that and i was got standard info, that they are work on it, and on last my ticket(after 3months! just LOL) i got info, that this skill works as intended 2nd Why i got reply from Support, that selfbuff Hand of Einhasad works as intended, when it does not ? (I mean: Blessed Spirits shouts are consuming(but dmg is not increased; the same values with or without it) only when ISS are hitting only NPC( on players, and monsters blessed spirits shots are not consuming) Guys, Ladies,People help me and force NC Staff to reply at my calls TY for help !
  18. Lineage 2 Aniversary?

    Well, We had just event w/o L2Store. So it is hard to belive, that we will have next one so fast. What we will get ? No XP Loss on Death 0 Adena Augment Removal Free Teleports Vitality Bonus increased to 300% Cat Buff (maybe) L2Store Promo for exp items(potions,scrolls,runes,cakes) and like always. L2Store Veteran Packs, probably buged like last time w/o last pack. GM Buffs Screen Contest about L2 Store event, hmmm it can be next PayToWin items, PayToGetNothing or just nothing. It is very small probabylity, that we will get what korea got, bacause one year teach us about ur "speed" with implement new things or fix sth (bacause "the Support Team is not part of the Development Team") The most sad thing is, that they event did not tell us, about next update, and date cut off like on European one.
  19. Skill power vs M. attack

    Yes and No. Depends on ur playstyle. Para works fine in PvE. As well it deal dmg, so it can be call semi-AoE Skill. In group exp u can easly stay inside snare, even it is beter and safer to stay in, than far away from snare. On Elven Village u must to stay together. if i good remeber para has around 2 sec reuse or less. SlH is more challenging than rest Feohs. Specialy when he use dark stance, but this this stance he can be call Magical Dagger. And i will not agree with Achrmage position in PvE. He has 4 AoE skills with good power. but, in the end. SH (Spell Scremer) is the best Feoh in PvE and PvP. Rest feoh are more challenging and u need to think more how to use skills. Spell Scremer is easy AoE Ruin>AoE Destruction>AoE Burst and after that most mobs are lie on the ground on have faint(it is not stun)
  20. Skill power vs M. attack

    Well M skill power increase dmg in all skills not only on crits. i do not get what u mean more ingnite. If I good remember Archmages destruction do not have ingnite effect, but im not sure about that. If u have enough M.Crit.Rate to gain around 33% chance to deal Crit, that this doesnt work., about 2nd option i asked NCSoft staff and I got info, that they cant share info about it. So probably it doesnt work. Well SlH vs Archmage. SlH is toon who from theory should be better in PvP. Archamge in pure AoE Mage . He has AoE Destruction, Ele. Storm. Ele. Burst, Blazzing Chain(with around 400 Power, 8Runstones,100lvl) and all skill works Fire Element. SlH is create to one target Feoh. So He has only Ele.Storm, and Ele. Burst to deal Aoe Dmg on Fire Stance. LS is no elemental skill. Void has dark element.
  21. Skill power vs M. attack

    This skill has wrong description. It should be 25% M.Atk and 5% Skill.Power Well if SlH will have +25% skill Power. Then, most ppl will play on SlH. Skill Power>>>>M.Atk. Both have the same bonus in fire stance(+20% M.Atk) All Feohs have diffrent mastery, depends which element they can use.(Kameal got +10%PvP DMG) Fire - gives nothing, coz all Feohs got +M.atk. Water - Gives -5% skill reuse for Archmage and -10% for Mystic Muse Wind - +10% M.Crit.Dmg Earth- +796 P.def Dark - +5%.M.Skill.Power Holy- -5%PvP Dmg
  22. Dear NCWest Staff Can You explain us, how it works, when people have enough M.Critical to gain 30-33%(cap) to make their skills in critical. I hear a lot of theories about that(few of them are below) 1)No point to use this enchant branch, bacause u cant pass though cap. (Most people belive in that, and it was confirmed, by many people) 2) It increase chanse to make skill Critical (chance to double power add to M.Atk.) 3) it eliminates/reduces/compensates boost from item/skills/etc. which deacrease chance to get M.Critical. Please investigate it and share with us ur concludes Thx!
  23. Next Target bug?

    Hello, We've updated the login message again with further clarification, this was done yesterday after maintenance. This update strictly applies to the /targetnext command ONLY. What I think many have forgotten is that the game has an automatic target acquisition method when a hostile target hits your character If you have no current target it is not a bug The macro system is not 'smart' so it has no idea what your intentions are to a target, you're simply telling the game try to cast a skill if there is any target, it is a very simple system that has no way to tell friend from foe. I'm sure some of you can write smarter macros to alleviate this, but the base game behavior is still there regardless of how robust the macro system becomes. At the end of the day you will not PK a user if you are there present looking at your character and inputting your own commands. If you try to use a macro to hunt AFK you are 100% responsible for the lack of attention you are paying to your character and welcoming others to interfere with you. Other options available, decrease your PK count before hunting any 'accidental' kills of another character will not put you at risk of dropping items unless you go above 3. However, you could still be forced to kill someone multiple times so it's not a workaround. We will not restore your items back no matter how good or valuable they are. ~Thanks
  24. Augment

    if i good remeber with mid grade stones u can get only +10%
  25. Salvation. Feoh Soulhound

    well, if they do not change anything, this passive skill works only when u have light set. It tested it when i created my feoh