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  1. Feoh Storm Screamer

    @Pleistoros Anyway..not hard feelings... @JuuzouThanks!! Yeap i am on Naia..see you online! @PixyLicksOk all skills replaced Thanks to all of you guys! Have fun!
  2. Feoh Storm Screamer

    Not only you are being rude for no reason at all...but you playin it "Forum Police"...If you dont like what you see just ignore it... you are not forced to answer... I am new to the game and i am a bit confused about the awaken thing..so instead of being smarta$s..be helpful to new players...Mr.Veteran... And yes my english is kinda bad so yeah... On topic now... In game i can see that i can keep the old skills and use them along with new ones...so the "either u use one or the other" is kinda confusing... So...is there any skill that i should keep form the old ones? Thanks again... (and sorry for the drama but i had to answer... )
  3. Feoh Storm Screamer

    But i can keep some skills and forget some others arcane power for example ...so should i forget them all and learn all the new skills?
  4. Hello, i am totally new in the awaken system and i dont know what skills should i take.... Any help on what should i keep and what should i replace? Thanks in advance!