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  1. Hello, I'd like to make some suggestions. 1)Remove dragon shirt augments from buffs and make it a passive skill on item skills bar (like all augments), because theres no need to have it as a buff (many toons including me overbuffing on it). 2)Do something about overbuffing, add more books or buff slots somehow we need to fix this, there no reason for us lossing important buffs, just add more buff slots we are 117++ toons with many skills and item skills. 3)Add a small event, or as a reward on event boxes the items ''evolution stone'' , ''red star bottle(jar)'' while those
  2. Well I am a fked 110lvl feoh after the update. I used to set my snare and aoe damage to the center of the spots and mobs where keep running on me all the time, this mean that i was hitting 11mobs all the time in FoS, so xp per hour was bigger cause i was hitting all the spot's mobs all the time. Now you guys fcked this up so much, mobs changed their agro attitude on feohs, this mean i kill only 2-3 mobs while i hit aoe, the rest of the mobs are not coming to me even if i dont set my snare on center and go close mobs are not coming toward us. Fix this its a big problem
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