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  1. Aden Tour Disappeared

    The icon goes away because it work as intended.
  2. Ncsfot took 30% off mobs 1st time and then another 30% off , both from hunting zones and reduced respawn from many areas, they didnt back any of these and now, more measurements Queue, less mobs, more L2store items and why dont they upgrade the server with WindowsXP and Mysql its free now and very optimized than their x386, Foxprow 2.5 DB.
  3. this is only half 16th eventh, complete event has Red and stores to xchange coins for supplies. Complete Event, Nerfed once again. <-- click there xD!
  4. all work as intendend... those 20 trilions xp and 18billios SP where set last week by error but they left it on. so prepare your self to gain 10b at end event.