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  1. I seriously hope you will compensate us, so many hours cost in xp/adena and the annoyance to have to relog all ours clients is very inconvinient!! At least give GM buffs!!!!!
  2. no, it's just you . Third world country internet XDD
  3. no lag for the grand majority. That's what happens when you have an internet connection from a third world country
  4. I was wondering if @Juji or @Hime you could give us a little more insight on what are the Devs planning for L2 coin crafting. Are they planning to give out recipes or are they planning to give out just the mats. I think we need to talk about this since we could out our input and feedback.
  5. We all know the devs know about the boting in ROA and actually promote it (proof is in them not acting), they may have some sort of deal with them, this would make sense for them not to act as they should. So strop crying here won't, it won't help and accept that they won't do anything on that topic
  6. I love the job application from the guy above lol.. I agree with all his points though, looks like nice changes
  7. Simply lower the cost of shots, 50% of the major issues are gone, easy right?
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