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  1. so which class is better for solo?
  2. sub question

    Guys, storm feoh to tank you think it's good or evis or others? BTW do I get to use both classes skill after sub?
  3. 16th anniversary event

    Thanks I have been searching for it for so long. After I claimed the reward, would the reward disappear if I don't use them?
  4. Is the event over? A few days ago I could still enter code for reward.
  5. dual class for feoh storm screamer

    what benefit to be archmage beside sharing gear, Im using gear provided by server.
  6. guys which dual class should I choose for my feoh storm screamer?
  7. Budget Build Evis Alt

    Thanks great sharing post, I don't know why people get triggered by it.
  8. Budget Build Evis Alt

    >2x 15% magic crit damage rings Boss rings and necklace?
  9. Budget Build Evis Alt

    How do you solo on EV? My lvl 103 storm screamer would die if solo at EV.
  10. Feoh storm screamer

    AOE skills kill very slow, the only exception is coal, party like stormer in coal
  11. Feoh storm screamer

    I think tank is not bad for party and summoner too
  12. Feoh storm screamer

    what is AOE skills?
  13. Feoh storm screamer

    A lot of player rec feoh storm, but it's not that good. It kill really slow compare to archer and other close range. It hard to get party in beleth, ev etc
  14. How do I leave clan

    Sorry lame question, how do I leave my clan? I clicked the Leave button but it says Im still a member of the clan
  15. I only have one clients and it lag like 10 seconds after the update. How do you run 3 clients at the same time?